NCB Scopes Out Hot Products at NRA

As a newbie attendee to the NRA Show, it was really exciting. There were a lot of exhibitors and a great mix of products to see.  Here are a fun and interesting products that I wanted to share with you.

KickBack Rewards System: Who doesn’t like rewards!? KickBack Rewards System is a customer appreciation program. When you make purchases at participating merchants, you earn redeemable points and chances to win valuable prizes. When adding the KickBack Rewards System into your business you can develop a unique customer loyalty program.

Oregon, Fruit In Hand:  Fruit from the heart of Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley is characterized by unparalleled flavor, color, and natural sweetness. After tasting this delicious product, my first question was; do you have any cocktail recipes? With the summer ahead of us, this refreshing product uses premium fruit for beverage, desserts and savories.  

PreGel AmericaPreGel America is the U.S. division of PreGel, a global specialty dessert ingredient company headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy. PreGel stands globally as the largest manufacturer and distributor of ingredients for gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, semifreddo, pastries, and more. You can’t visit the NRA show without tasting a few great dessert. This one was my favorite, the lemon cookie gelato in particular.

Spinnaker Wait List Management: Spinnaker’s Wait List Management tools with integrated paging and text messaging simplify restaurant operations to help you reduce operational expenses and maximize revenue. This product reduces walk-aways, increase covers and tables turns, and improve the guest experience with Spinnaker.

Waiter Wallet: This product is designed by waiters for waiters. It is a revolutionary, patent pending organizational tool for servers. It functions just as a wallet would; holding cash, credit cards and receipts. It provides an order pad or POS Swipe card holder. It also comes with free access to customizable templates for staff education and suggestive selling to help promote sales.

-By Genevieve Ferratusco

The combination of Chicago’s excellent restaurant venue and the array of extraordinary show samples, the National Restaurant Association Show is always a great time. The event was stacked with products that were buzzing on the show floor. Out of the array of products, here are just a few that caught my attention to share with our Nightclub & Bar fans.

Schwank PERFECTCLIME: Is the first heating and cooling concept that combines infrared short-wave technology and misting all in one unit. It provides the luxury of instant comfortable heat or refreshing cooling. Launched at NRA, this is the first of its kind in the US that provides both instant heating for those cool evenings and with its integrated nozzle, creates a fine cool mist for those warm days.

Teaz Vodka: Releasing this summer, a new vodka with a bottle design that has certainly earned the title of “seductive.” Teaz is a premium vodka that will tantalize your taste buds. Teaz Vodka starts with the finest grains from France and is distilled five times and provides a smooth taste that vodka connoisseurs crave. The bottle design will certainly be a big hit at the gentlemen’s clubs…

Ventage System: Well, here is a product that doesn’t “stink”. The Ventage Toilet Ventilation System removes odors at the source so the bathroom always smells clean. The vent mounts on the toilet and ducts to a central blower system then exhausts through the existing plumbing vent. The Ventage System's universal design fits most toilets, and one system can ventilate up to 6 toilets in separate bathrooms.

Wireless Ronin BARtainment: Is a next generation customer engagement solution that is simple and affordable. They provide an interactive package that requires no expensive hardware, you can leverage your existing TV monitors with “Plug & Play” technology. Customers participate using their own mobile devices. This will drive the spirit of competition with head to head trivia or enhance the environment with integrated music playlists for your house audio system.

-By Greg Goulski

As usual I am exhausted returning from yet another great National Restaurant Show. It’s not an easy task to come up with just a few stand outs from a long list of great new products, the typical dominators of the field, and those in between; however, this is my list of products that caught my eye and, days later, are still on my mind.

Arclite: If I owned my own bar, restaurant, hotel, casino or nightclub (you get the idea), I am sure of the fact that I would decorate it with Arclite trees. These trees are beautiful, they are bright, they are eye-catching, and they come in a wide assortment of colors, designs, and sizes. These trees especially stand out in an outdoor space at night, or an indoor establishment with dimmed lighting.

Betson Enterprises: Betson Enterprises brings us Beer Pong Masters. Whether you’re a retired college beer pong champ like me, a newbie at the game, or looking to get better, Beer Pong Masters offers the opportunity to play this classic game in a restaurant or bar and not just at a friend’s house or a college frat party. Proud to say I made the leader board while at the convention, this leads me to envision friends trying to beat each other’s top scores leading to more drinks and more food.

Drink To Your Health, Inc.: What bar, restaurant, or club doesn’t have water? I dare you to name one. Drink To Your Health, Inc.’s “Q Water” has come up with an innovative way to save on costs, energy, and waste while providing a smooth, clean final product. Using a four tier filtration system, Q water eliminates the need for plastic bottles while also eliminating any chlorine taste, organic chemicals, lead, and odors that can be associated with typical tap water.

Q Drinks: Sick of using the same mixers for drinks in your venue? Then check out the Brooklyn-based entrepreneur who founded qdrinks. They spent four years working to create higher quality tonic water, made from only authentic ingredients that you can mix with premium spirits.  Low in calorie and full of flavor, these drinks come in Q Tonic, Q Club, Q Ginger, Q Kola, Q Grapefruit, Q Orange, and Q Lemon. My favorite, the Q Ginger, is made up of coriander, cardamom, rose oil, cayenne, and orange peel.

QikServe: QikServe, also known as “The Waiter In Your Pocket,” is designed to boost customer experience by having the ability to order and pay for food and beverages straight from one’s cell phone. QikServe eliminates the potential for my least favorite part of a bad experience during a night out, which is the occasional terrible waiter, waitress, bartender, or concierge-type who cannot manage to be timely or get an order right.

As always, I will be looking forward to attending again next year and seeing what new innovations make their way to the event, as well as seeing how some of this year’s emerging products are doing a year down the road! Until then….

-By Rachel Karlin

The National Restaurant Show in Chicago is a favorite for the hospitality industry. Every year we look forward to seeing new and old companies launch new products and showcase the best in the industry. This year a few companies caught my attention! Take a look ….

Midwest Tropical: Bring your venue to life with the art that brings water to life. Midwest Tropical water walls and features create beautiful aqua art perfect for your venue. The beautiful colored waterwalls reminded me how a simple a pop of color and the pure beauty of water can transform any venue and take guests to another place.

Mopro: “Let’s tell your story beautifully, together.” And beautifully, they did. Mopro is a new company that launched this year helping small businesses get the same digital representation as Fortune 500 companies. Mopro is the one company that handles your entire online presence from website, video, photography, mobile site, social media, e-commerce and more.  This team of experts will build your entire business online and give your small business the A-List treatment you deserve.

Stahlbush Island Farms: Sweeten your summer cocktail menu with Stahlbush Island Farms frozen fruit.  Located in the heart of Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, Stahlbush Island Farms is perfectly situated to grow the finest berries including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and grapes, perfect for a fresh cocktail! As Stahlbush says, “If you can’t get it from your garden, get it from ours.” Completely organic, these fully vine-ripened products have vibrant colors, natural brix and bold flavors. 

Spindrift: For those looking to bring new and fresh alcohol-free beverages to your on-premise establishment, nothing is more refreshing than Sprindrift, named after the spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind. What’s more summer-y than that? Bring this fresh sparkling water into your mix and cool your guests’ thirst!

-By Erica Mercke



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