New & Improved

Continuous improvement. It’s the business philosophy behind such successful companies as Toyota and, more relevant to our industry, P.F. Chang’s. The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based chain of 190 Asian casual restaurants is bucking the current downward trend by simply working every day to be a better operator. The results? While traffic is soft, as it is at every casual eatery these days, operating margins and profits are up.

We at Nightclub & Bar also are on a track of continuous improvement, and at this moment you’re engaged in just one result of that ongoing effort. The redesign of our web site to be more appealing, user friendly, informative, interactive and invaluable for the on-premise industry came out of audience research and a hard look at the needs of those who run bars, nightclubs and restaurants. We’ve also tightened up our operations and systems to deliver consistent quality in every magazine and newsletter issue and also with every click of your mouse.

Here at, you’ll find breaking industry news, in-depth features, insightful blogs and videos that are informative, instructional and often entertaining (hey, this is the bar business!). A highlight of the site is the Community page, where beverage and bar management professionals can do what they do best — connect with one another and share knowledge, stories, experiences and, most importantly, their passion for this business. Check it out and join today to start networking with your peers and partners, answer our poll question, chat on the message board, post your own blog, share some photos or video and ask a question of our impressive roster of experts. What do you need to know to continuously improve? is your resource to find ways to move your business forward.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, this is just the beginning. Searchable databases of new products and recipes are in the works, along with other interactive capabilities. We know the web is a valuable tool in keeping your business fresh and appealing to your patrons. At, we’ll continuously improve so you can also.

Welcome and enjoy!


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