New Liquor, Beer Dispenser and Quiet Blender

Southern Comfort Lime

Southern Comfort launched Southern Comfort Lime, a ready-to-pour version of the SoCo & Lime bar call. This launch comes on the heels of Southern Comfort Lemonade, Hurricane and Sweet Tea, all 30 proof ready-to-pour cocktails. SoCo Lime is 55 proof and is available in 750 ml and 1 L sizes. It is best served chilled through a chiller machine or shaken over ice. Other popular cocktails include SoCo Lime and cola, SoCo Lime and cranberry and SoCo Lime and soda.

SoCo Lime

Draft Master Beer Dispensing System

Ellickson International introduces its Draft Master beer dispensing system, which allows customers to pour their own beer at their own table. It’s available in a four-tap fixed system or a two-tap mobile system. Before being seated at a Draft Master table, patrons provide a credit card and set a drink or money limit. Guests enjoy fresher, colder beer through Draft Master’s gas-management system, which provides better consistency to the beer.

The Draft Master

The Quiet One by Vitamix

Vitamix introduces The Quiet One, a new premium, high-performance blender that has sound reduction technologies, operating 18 decibels below and four times quieter than its competitors. The Quiet One is ideal for front-of-the house environments and was specifically created for high-end bars and coffee shops. A door seal design, a compact magnetically secured sound enclosure and patent-pending floating technology reduces vibration transmissions and improves airflow. It’s programmed to create custom blending for signature drinks, smoothies and blended coffees.

Vitamix - The Quiet One

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