Nightclub & Bar Presents the 2014 Bar Award Winner Profiles

Nightclub & Bar is proud to showcase a selection of prime examples of originality, artistry, entrepreneurship and prosperity — qualities essential to not only surviving but thriving in the modern nightlife industry. Many Winners were at the 2014 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, March 24-26, to receiving their awards during the awards ceremony!

We would like to commend this year’s competitors as well as the judges who carefully considered hundreds of bar entries. Be sure to check in the coming weeks for the winning profiles of the Nightclub and Las Vegas Nightclub Categories.


Beer Bar of the Year
Neighborhood – San Diego, CA
Neighborhood set out to counter the dominance of subpar beer in the local social and dining landscape. As a pioneer in the proliferation of San Diego’s “gastropub culture”, Neighborhood fights the perception of what a beer establishment can and should be – successfully combining quality beer, locally sourced food, and intelligent design. Neighborhood has 29 beers on tap and the bartenders can teach you a little about beer as well as serve it up. If you’re not sure which brew you would like to indulge in, do not fret because the staff at Neighborhood is well versed in the wide world of beer; they can tell you the alcohol content, what the beer is known for and more. For example, the Double Mountain Kolsch is a crisp, delicately balanced beer with very subtle fruit flavors with a slight tangy finish or the Societe Publican is refreshing and hoppy with a sufficient amount of supporting malt. Along with the excellent beer selection, Neighborhood has much more to offer guests. The bar is appropriately named Neighborhood because the staff is friendly with a knack for hospitality; the beer, knowledge of beer and willingness to share said knowledge work together to accomplish the perfect atmosphere for beer lovers.

Carthay Circle Lounge

Cocktail Bar of the Year
Carthay Circle Lounge/Walt Disney Parks & Resorts – Anaheim, CA

Carthay Circle Lounge, located inside Disney’s California Adventure, is on the first floor of a stunning two-story mission revival style building, modeled after the historic Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles. The ambiance and décor of the California lounge and bar suggests Hollywood’s Golden Age with rich fabrics and deep colors of browns and gold. The lounge pays homage to traditional mixology featuring an exceptional collection of handcrafted classic cocktails. A beautiful and informative beverage menu features sketched art deco imagery reminiscent of the 1930s and 40s and showcases a repertoire of 16 handcrafted classic cocktails including several signature cocktails. The menu includes the ingredients in each cocktail and the type of ice used. Carthay Circle Lounge has been open for a little over a year and the results have been outstanding. Cocktail prices range from just $9.25 to $14.00 for an excellent price-value proposition considering the beautiful ambiance, delicious drinks, exceptional service and unique experience.

2 birds 1 stone menu

New Concept of the Year
2 birds 1 stone – Washington, DC
2 birds 1 stone is a cocktail bar as lively and welcoming as a friend’s party. On their weekly-changing, hand-drawn, cocktail menu, 2 birds 1 stone feature their favorite classics and creative originals made with the finest ingredients. The bartenders will happily make customers a drink suited to their specific tastes from the current menu or from among their past favorites. In addition, they offer a wide array of fine spirits, as well as a curated list of craft beers and wines. The décor of 2 birds 1 stone is extremely elegant, with sophisticated statues and paintings throughout the entire bar. 2 bird 1 stone is never overly crowded due to the fact that the doormen limit the amount of guests in order to accomplish the perfect, classy atmosphere which encourages customer interaction.

Bounce Sundays

Promo, Party or Event of the Year
Bounce Sundays @ MatrixFilmore - San Francisco, CA
MatrixFillmore is one of San Francisco's most intimate, boutique-style music venues where you can enjoy handcrafted cocktails, bottle service and premium champagnes while dancing to a range of dance music, from House to 70s, 80s, 90s genre. Sunday nights at 'The Matrix' historically we're the hot night in the sixties and seventies, when some of the City's brightest bands would come to play their new material, or jam with other musicians who had been performing with their regular outfits on other weekend nights. The modern incarnation "Bounce Sundays" is a creation of San Francisco dance music industry veterans (Essential Nightlife) that delivers an entertainment experience by featuring elite DJs inside plush confines of Matrix.  "At Bounce young hedonists exude carefree attitude and savvy musical knowledge as they dance the night away to handcrafted tunes of the countries favorite beat masters. Representing the cosmopolitan nature of San Francisco and its diverse urbanite clientele, the main focus of the Bounce is to enthrall, entice and entertain guests with a rich diversity of music."

Beauty & EssexRestaurant Bar of the Year
Beauty & Essex, New York, NY

Everything about Beauty & Essex is excessive and decadent; this bar exudes elegance. One of the most notable attractions of Beauty & Essex is the unconventional entrance which happens to be an antiquated pawn shop where you can purchase a $10,000 necklace. The winding staircase that takes you to the restaurant’s very own lounge is the epitome of sophistication; one cannot help but feel especially classy when setting foot into Beauty & Essex. Whether you are stopping into Beauty & Essex for brunch, dinner, dessert or just a refreshing cocktail to wind down, there is something for everyone, and that something will be, without fail, delicious. The ingredients to every dish can only be described as fresh and thoughtful. There are different lobster dinner plates, and where some may skimp their guests on the amount of seafood, Beauty & Essex leaves their guests not only satisfied, but impressed. Dining at Beauty & Essex is not just about the food, but the experience; this restaurant has the perfect atmosphere and well-trained, polite staff to go along with it. Beauty & Essex made this year’s Restaurant Bar of the Year selection just a little bit easier by showcasing their refined plates and innovative cocktails.

Trick Dog

Small Wonder Bar of the Year
Trick Dog – San Francisco, CA
The Trick Dog cast-iron mechanical bank best exemplifies the space, the design and aesthetic. It is well built, functional, one of a kind, whimsical, theatrical and has stood the test of time. The entire space is 1750 square feet, but guests can only interact with under 1000 square feet and with a total of 35 seats, it’s not all bar stools and private booths which facilitates spontaneous, convivial moments. Less places to set up shop means more chances to meet a new friend. Each bar station is like a Ferrari, designed for maximum economy of movement and cleanliness. Everything is within arm’s reach and laid out like a cockpit to ensure bartenders can execute the maximum number of drinks in the minimal amount of movement. The bartenders are charming, dynamic and unexpected. Equally important is impeccable customer service, product knowledge, drink making efficiency, and the ability to mentor.  When all is said and done, the goal of Trick Dog is for people to leave feeling like they had a great time without necessarily pinpointing one specific thing; it was just right. The drinks were right, the food was right, the music was right. It’s not just about one element; it’s about the total experience.

The Globe PubSports Bar of the Year
The Globe Pub – Chicago, IL

Located in North Center of Chicago, The Globe Pub is first and foremost a neighborhood destination but there is a difference; they want their guests to feel at home whether they live on the same block or are tourists visiting from out of town looking to keep up with their favorite sports team. Customers can catch the action of MLB baseball, NFL, college football, NBA basketball and NHL hockey at The Globe Pub while enjoying dishes which have been described as delicious, amazing and luscious. Looking for a place to watch a game in a different time zone? The Globe Pub has got you covered; this bar will open considerably early to accommodate the sports lover who never wants to miss a game, no matter what. The Globe Pub’s claim to fame is that they are the arguably the best soccer pub in the Chicago area! It is no wonder The Globe Pub has earned the honor of our Sports Bar of the Year due to the energetic atmosphere and rowdy, sports-loving clientele.


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