NRN: Maximizing the Value of the Social Media Fan

From NRN:

Upstart restaurant brands like Toppers Pizza and Lenny’s Sub Shops have to compete against industry giants like Pizza Hut and Subway for sales, and while they acknowledge that they can’t match their rivals’ size, they can punch above their weight in terms of marketing through social media.

xecutives at both brands said they concentrate less on the total number of “likes” they earn on Facebook compared with much larger chains than they do at their likes per store. Though the number of restaurants in their systems do not approach the same league as the competition, often their stable of Facebook fans per unit far exceed that of their peers.

According to No Limit Media Consulting, as of July 18, Lenny’s Facebook page had 84,924 likes for its system of 147 locations, which equaled approximated 578 fans per unit, besting Subway’s 469 fans per location (nearly 15 million likes for about 32,000 locations). The closest competitor Lenny’s in terms of fans per unit was Firehouse Subs, with 570 fans per unit, derived from dividing its 282,028 likes by its 495 restaurants.

Toppers showed an even larger advantage in fans per unit over its pizza industry rivals. The brand’s 51,548 likes for a 42-unit system yielded approximately 1,228 fans per unit, far surpassing 782 fans per location for Domino’s (more than 7 million likes for 9,000 locations), 682 for Papa John’s (nearly 2.5 million likes for 3,600 locations) and 611 for Pizza Hut (nearly 8 million likes for 13,000 locations).

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