NTN Buzztime, Inc. Partners To Expand Out-Of-Home Marketing Solutions in 2010

CARLSBAD, Calif. (December 1, 2010) — NTN Buzztime, Inc. (NYSE Amex: NTN), a leading venue-based interactive restaurant and bar entertainment network, announces they have signed promotional partnership agreements with several leading top-tier global brands. These leading companies, looking for unique out-of-home messaging solutions to target the hard-to-reach and highly sought after 18-34 year old demographic, selected Buzztime to promote their brands through multi-layered marketing programs designed to increase consumer awareness and spending.

For the fall of 2010, Buzztime designed a customizable program for a leading brewer to reach their much desired demographic of 21-34 year olds emphasizing highly targeted, interactive on-screen messaging, trivia games and hosted live trivia events.

The company’s recent agreements with VH1 and Activision cost-effectively tied their promotional campaigns to customized Buzztime Trendalicious Trivia games, 15-question countdown-style games featuring cutting-edge pop culture trivia.

Buzztime developed regionalized, mini-trivia network games, social media and on-site competitions for Live Nation to promote tours in specific markets. During these targeted promotions, Buzztime players interact with tour-specific on-screen advertising campaigns which provide tour visibility and awareness.

Buzztime employs its network of approximately 4,000 bars and restaurants to strategically reach targeted audiences in a unique way. Additionally, Buzztime engages more than 1,400,000 players who participate in 50,000,000 bar trivia, cards and sports games each year on its network.

“Through more than 25 years of experience spent honing our products and developing a long list of best practices, Buzztime has positioned itself to bring added value to our partners that they wouldn’t be able to create on their own,” said NTN Buzztime CEO, Michael J. Bush. “With these collaborations, we have helped build brand awareness and loyalty for their products among young people who are readily reached and engaged by Buzztime’s nationwide network of bars and restaurants. It also allows us to offer Buzztime players valuable branded related specials, prizing and interactive restaurant and bar game experiences.”

Buzztime provides clients with branded sports and interactive bar games that align with the brands’ marketing campaigns; live hosted trivia tournaments throughout the United States; and direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives through Buzztime’s social networking and e-mail marketing campaigns.

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