Oak Beverages and Boening Brothers Named New York Distributor for Rogue Spirits

Leading New York wholesale beer, wine, spirits and beverage distributors Oak Beverages, headquartered in Blauvelt, N.Y., a, and Boening Brothers, based in North Lindenhurst, N.Y., both members of the Boening family of companies, were named the official distributor for Newport, Ore., Rogue Spirits in the New York Metropolitan area. The companies will be marketing Rogue’s award-winning spirits throughout their 14 New York territories. Rogue’s line includes: a Dark Rum, Dead Guy Whiskey, Hazelnut Spice Rum, Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, Pink Gin, Spruce Gin and White Rum.

For Oak Beverages and Boening Brothers, representing this dynamic multi-ingredient, small batch spirit line is further evidence of its go-to status in the craft category. Long recognized for their strong distribution performance in the craft beer category, the companies are now gaining prominence in the craft liquor category as well.

Rogue Spirits maintains distilleries in Newport and Portland, both in Oregon led by prominent spirits distiller, John Couchot. Rogue’s spirits are artisan-distilled in traditional hand-craft copper pot stills, using no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Rogue’s Newport distillery is one of the first distillery pubs in America to product award-winning rums, gin, vodka and whiskey. The Portland distillery is the first rum distillery in Oregon.

Since its establishment in 2003, Rogue Spirits has been gaining national and international attention for its high quality spirits, earning prestigious awards in competitions worldwide. Among the more recent are: the 2011 World Beverage Competition (Pink Spruce Gin, Gold; Hazelnut Spice Rum, Silver; Spruce Gin, Bronze; Dead Guy Whiskey, Bronze); 2010 World Beverage Competition (Dark Rum, Gold; Hazelnut Spice rum, Gold; Dead Guy Whiskey, Gold); 2011 International Review of Spirits (Dead Guy Whiskey, Gold); 2010 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competitive (Dark Rum, Silver; Hazelnut Spice Rum, Bronze;) and 2010 San Francisco World Spirit Competition (Dark Rum, Silver; Pink Spruce Gin, Silver).
About Oak Beverages, Inc. and Boening Brothers, Inc.

Oak Beverages, Inc. and Boening Brothers, Inc. comprise the Boening organization, a leading New YorkMetropolitan area wholesale beer, wine, spirits and beverage distributor and fourth-generation family business now celebrating its 108th anniversary. With their state-of-the-art facilities in Blauvelt, NY (Oak) and North Lindenhurst, NY (Boening), the distributors are recognized for their strong focus on customer relations and brand building across all markets including restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, beverage retail centers, wholesale clubs and convenience stores.

Currently representing leading breweries, wineries, distilleries and producers of water and other beverages, they pride themselves on having highly responsive, results-oriented sales and support teams that deliver value-added service from eye-catching point-of-sale displays and unique kick-off parties to creative brand promotions and memorable special events. As a result of the companies’ consistently high performance and service integrity, the companies enjoy the respect of breweries, wineries, beverage manufacturers, customers and industry peers alike. For more information, contact: Oak Beverages, Inc., One Flower Lane, Blauvelt, NY 10913, 845-353-1800.


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