Oasis Hookah Bar Goes Up in Smoke


In 2012, recent college graduate and soon-to-be father, Jesse, plunged $50,000 into the investment of his dreams, a hookah bar named Oasis. Upon opening, Oasis was the first and only hookah bar in Omaha and people swarmed to check it out; Oasis was making about $30,000 a month.  To run the packed bar, Jesse hired Oasis regular, Corrie, as manager. Corrie’s quick leap from patron to manager led to a decline in service, cleanliness and accountability at Oasis. Oasis is now $100,000 in debt.

The outer appearance of Oasis is extremely unremarkable; Taffer’s recon team concludes it’s actually frustrating how boring it is. The bartenders pour premade cocktails from a plastic containers which get people sick, the servers don’t know what they’re doing and the most clueless is the manager, Corrie. Oasis’ largest problem is their hygiene, the bar is completely unsanitary and there is trash everywhere including dead rats.

The staff cleans the bar and equipment so Taffer can get to work. Jesse fires Corrie once he realized that she is detrimental to business. Taffer then throws Jesse for a loop by completely changing the concept of his business from a hookah bar to a classy, Moroccan nightclub. Jesse rolls with this change, the bartenders brush up on their mixology skills and each staff member was placed into a position that fit their strengths.

Taffer transforms Oasis Hookah Bar into Taza Nightclub. The Moroccan concept is evident from exterior to interior; there are bright colors everywhere and the entry way will now draw people in. The hookah bar was turned into an additional bar to double revenue potential; during the relaunch alone, the back bar made more money than the hookah bar did in an entire month. Jesse and his staff could not be more motivated to be running a classy nightclub in Omaha. Eight weeks after the relaunch, drink sales at Taza Nightclub have gone up 30% and Jesse is well on his way to chipping away at his $100,000 debt.


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