The Olive Pit

The Olive Pit, a watering hole for the local blue-collar crowd, opened 50 years ago in 1962.  Located in Orange, CA, Owner Tim Eyerly a retired banker purchased the bar in 2001.  The bar was profitable at first coasting on its built-in clientele but after year of neglect with a crumbling interior, profits began to take a huge dive. 

Losing $5,000 a month and food sales bringing in a mere $25-$150 per day the Olive Pit is only months away from closing.  Daughter, Tracy who wants full control of the family business, finally makes the desperate call to Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue Team.  However, tensions are high as Tim doesn’t think Tracy is capable of running the place and he doesn’t want to lose his favorite hangout, which is completely different issue.

Behind the bar, Kat discovers it’s worse than she thought— clogged beer tap lines, corroded mats stuck to the back bar, and shards of broken glass in the well. On top of that, Chef Duffy inspects the kitchen and observes the walk-in cooler is laced with black mold; the inoperable range hood is caked with grease. In addition, the fire-certification ticket has been out of compliance since 2010.

“Dive Bar doesn’t have to mean dump” reminds Taffer. With this in mind the bar is modernized with a new POS system and liquor control system in order to make things more efficient and keeping employee’s honest. The kitchen was brought up to code and the interior completely transformed. Finally, the old grimy, dilapidated bar that was the Olive Pit is reborn as O.P. to keep its heritage.

Since the relaunch the O.P.’s sales are increasing weekly and new clientele come in often. Tracy is running the bar successfully and the staff is under control.

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