Opportunity Knocks: Top 10 Fast-Growing Spirits Brands

Identifying what’s hot and what’s not is a challenge in adult beverage, given the high level of product innovation. We tracked more than 750 new products coming to market in 2012 and have already charted 240 introductions in the first quarter of 2013 through our New Product Tracker portion of our online DRINK resource. But understanding which brands and categories are gaining favor with consumers is important to insure your drink menu is on target to capitalize on emerging trends.

The cocktail menu presents strong opportunities to engage the guest. Of consumers who tried a new drink in a bar or restaurant recently, 65% of them reported ordering a cocktail or mixed drink, according to the consumer insights in our recently-released 2013 SpiritsTAB report.  When thinking about ways to draw adventurous consumers into new cocktails, consider that the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Spirits Brands in the U.S. include several vodkas, two whiskey-based liqueurs, a cream rum liqueur, a spiced rum entry and a premium-priced blue agave tequila.

This signals that today’s consumer is seeking unique flavors that run the spectrum from sweet to spiced, and that whiskey is a trending flavor.  The vodkas on the roster showcase the diversity within the category to which consumers are responding. Tapping into these trending brands and categories allows your drink menu to introduce your guest to something new, thus ramping up the experience factor that can differentiate your concept.

Source: Technomic Inc., 2013 SpiritsTAB Report


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