Party Earth Reviews Clubs Worldwide

Their tag line sums it up quite nicely: “Find your party… Any day, any time, anywhere.” Party Earth scours 13 European and four U.S. cities to find the best nightlife happenings and puts all of the pertinent info directly into the hands of the consumer. Whether the revelers are in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston or New York, Party Earth has a festive bash or a review of a venue awaiting eager fingertips.

“It’s really a Michelin-style guide for social experiences,” says Paul Feinstein, content manager for Party Earth. “We are a global-media-entertainment company, providing content about social venues around the world. The best bars, the best clubs and the best concerts and parties across the globe.”

As for how to easily shift through all of that content, the Website relies on the user’s personality to help match them with venues and fetes.

“Depending on who you are and what your mood is, we’ve got a character profile suited for you,” Feinstein explains. “We divvy up our reviews of venues between four personality characters: Lucas, Jonah, Emma and Adriana. Lucas is your guy’s guy; he doesn’t like waiting in lines — he likes sports bars and more rowdy beer-centric places. Jonah is our non-mainstream character, who represents anything that’s not trendy or Top 40. He’s into live music, and the hipsters of the world would typically align with him. Emma is our girl next door. She’s on a budget, likes the touristy yet authentic experiences from a city. And Adriana’s more into the hottest clubs, high-end lounges and places that are hard to get in.”

Each review is rated by these individual characters. If Adriana is giving a venue four stars and Jonah is only giving it one, guests may not like the club if they think they’re more of a Jonah.

“But as a result of that, you don’t have to identify with just one of them,” Feinstein shares. “It’s really by mood. So if you’re in a club-y, exclusive mode, Adriana will be your best help in the process.”

The research is completed by a team of writers — dubbed social experts on the site — on the ground in various cities, both domestic and international. Each scribe is screened through an extensive interview process to make sure he or she has real social knowledge. The writers are supported by a large internal team that is constantly on the phone, talking to everyone from “hotel concierges to promoters to owners” to make sure Party Earth is getting the latest and most accurate information for their visitors, Feinstein says.

Because of the nature of the Website, all of Party Earth’s reviews are positive.

“Our job is to tell people where to go and why to go there. Not to tell them why they shouldn’t,” Feinstein explains.

The writers often visit the venues to meet the manager or general manager.

“Our reviews are all fact-based,” he says. “Who are the people coming here? What’s the vibe like? What’s the layout and décor? In addition to that, we want to know what’re the daily activities on any given night? What are the prices for drinks and entrance? What are people wearing? If there is music, what kind is it? And then we like to give an insider tip you wouldn’t always get.”

While general managers and owners are going to tell anyone the place is great any night of the week, it’s Party Earth’s job to “fight through the public-relations spin and figure out when it’s at it’s best and suggest when you should go. For example, if it’s a mixology spot, we tell you when it’s quiet so you can get the experience,” he says.

Obviously the biggest challenge for a nightlife aggregator is staying on top of the openings and closings. Add in a global overlay to that task and it can be daunting.

“With the hot clubs, we check up on them every four to six weeks, because the turnover on those places is non-stop, so we want to make sure they’re still actually hot. For an Irish bar that’s been there for 30 years, you check it once a year. They have different time stamps,” Feinstein offers.

The site currently is adding about one new venue a week in major markets, such as London and New York, and aggressively adding new cities, such as Washington D.C., Miami and Vegas.

“We’ll eventually expand to Asia and Australia,” Feinstein says.

The good news is chances are greater your venue will be featured. If you want to be reviewed on Party Earth, Feinstein is offering up his personal email address ([email protected]) and will work with you directly to set everything up.


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