Philadelphia Distilling announces the Launch of Bluecoat American Dry Gin in aThe Lone Star Statea

Dallas, TX -- Philadelphia Distilling announced today that Bluecoat American Dry Gin is now available in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas. As the only American dry gin, Bluecoat is in a class by itself.

"Simple reason for bringing on Bluecoat Gin and Vieux Carre tastes great!" said David Mascari 101 Downing Street, Houston. "As the mixology scene continues to grow in Texas, bartenders are seeking new products to elevate consumer palates from the tried and true margarita--spicing up a Bluecoat Gin gimlet is one sure way to go."

Bluecoat American Dry Gin will be available at the following restaurants and retailers: Spec's, Tony K's, Ralston, Pappa's Brothers Steak House, Mark's American Cusine Restaurant, and Pecse Restaurant (Houston); Sigals, Centennial, Goody Goody, Fearings Restaurant, Truluck's Restaurant, Neighborhood Services Restaurant (Dallas); Twins, Fiesta, Gabriels, The Palm, LeMidi, Swig (San Antonio); Annie Café, Pescie, Gloria's (Austin). Please inquiry directly for a full list.

The primary difference from other dry gins is the use of organic American citrus peels, sweet orange and lemon peel. Combined with a proprietary blend of other American citrus notes, this gives Bluecoat its signature American Dry Gin taste profile. The second difference is the intense smoothness of the spirit itself. Bluecoat is distilled to be an extremely pure spirit, without the harshness of impure alcohols often present in other gins. Bluecoat is distilled with quality in mind over quantity produced. Only the purest alcohols that highlight the desired botanical flavorings become part of the end product. The third major difference is the unusual complexity of flavor. All gins begin with juniper berries and Bluecoat is no exception. However, Bluecoat utilizes organic juniper berries which, in comparison to the typical berries used in most gins, transmit spicy, earthy notes as opposed to pungent evergreen ones.

Craft distilled spirits are made one small batch at a time using a pot still and only premium ingredients. This small batch process allows the Master Distiller to impart his individual creativity to the production of the spirit. Craft distilled spirits are by nature complex and gourmet, of the highest quality, and produced with individual precision. Bluecoat American Dry Gin is distilled using this small batch process. Our unique procedure calls for an extremely slow heating of the pot. A ten hour process allows our Master Distiller to most efficiently separate the impure alcohols from those he desires to bottle as the finished spirit. Only a small selection of our distillate meets our purity requirement and matches the desired botanical flavors to be collected for bottling. The remainder of the distillate is discarded as impure. What has been collected for bottling is then blended with triple filtered water to 47% alcohol by volume, or 94 proof, then passed through a spirit filter and tasted. Once the Master Distiller approves the batch, it is bottled, corked, and packed for shipment. Every bottle of Bluecoat American Dry Gin undergoes this same rigorous process to ensure that our consistently high quality spirit will arrive on store shelves and in drinking establishments around the world.

Master Distiller, Robert Cassell describes this formula as “A revolutionary dry gin that leads with refresh-ingly sweet aromatics, giving way to soft and earthy juniper notes. The body is intensely smooth with a complex depth of iavors that open up as they wrap around the palate. The bright citrus inish is exceptionally long and completes an experience that is incredibly pleasing to the senses. Bluecoat is delicate and distinctive on its own, or as the centerpiece of your favorite cocktail.” To preserve this outstanding quality, each bottle of Bluecoat is hand-illed, corked, sealed and inspected. Retailing between $24.99 and $30.00, Bluecoat, American Dry Gin evokes the independent spirit that culminated in 1776 and still reigns today.


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