Piratz Tavern

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, it’s a Pirates life for me. Or in this case, the staff at Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring, MD. And just like Captain Jack Sparrow, Owner Tracy Rebelo, is in desperate need of a treasure to keep her ship from sinking.  Almost a million dollars in debt, Jon Taffer and his team of experts set out to turn this failing bar into a corporate money making machine. While the perception problems, on how the bar can be successful giving the surrounding demographics, are huge, Taffer must first address the lack of experience with servers and the kitchen.

Piratz needs to capitalize on the 175 thousand corporate employees in Silver Springs through lunch and happy hour. With that as the driving factor, Taffer and his team turn a rundown, disorganized, unprofitable bar into a sleek and professional happy hour hot spot. However, change is never easy, whether it’s the name of the bar, the drink menu or the management style. And in the case of Piratz Tavern it was all of the above and then some; making it what Taffer terms a 'cultural struggle'.

No-nonsense Taffer emphasizes, “bars are not playgrounds, they’re businesses” but the newly revamped Corporate Bar & Grill returned to its old ways and continues a downward spiral by not focusing on what works for the community in order to turn a profit.

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