PointOS Upgrades System With Release of PointOS 5.0

Vero Beach, FL - PointOS, a point of sale (POS) software company catering to the hospitality industry is thrilled to announce their recent partnership with BlueStar solutions distributor and the upcoming release of PointOS 5.0, which coincides with the reception of their PCI Compliance.

PointOS Professional

BlueStar has national and international reach, and they handpick only the products they deem the very best for inclusion in their network. "When I first launched the PointOS program, an early goal was to gain industry recognition that would warrant inclusion in BlueStar," said Daniel Kurland, owner of PointOS. "Their high standards for products carried, coupled with their extensive reach, is why I see this as a remarkable opportunity."

PointOS software was not only developed for the hospitality industry, it was developed by the hospitality industry. They understand, from their own intimate knowledge of the service sector, just how quickly the industry changes. This lent considerable weight to their decision to build one pillar of their business operation completely around superior customer service. One way they remain dedicated to that core operating principal is by offering the latest updates of their software to existing customers first, and for free. Not feeling completely satisfied with that extra step in their dedication to superior customer service, PointOS also vowed to offer all customers a 24/7 technical support center based in the United States. They delivered. The 24-hour call center located in Melbourne, Florida is open to PointOS customers seven days a week, also at no additional cost.

Staying true to their mission, PointOS has taken version 4.5 a step further. Not only does the release of version 5.0 meet PCI compliance standards, there are also several new features to enhance their client's customer's experience. The latest version will offer coupon and gift certificate applications, a customized pizza building application and house accounts for hotels and clubs to run ongoing tabs. Features include:

PointOS Hardware System specs:

  • 1 Client PointOS Software (free support,updates)
  • 1 Breeze 15 inch Touchscreen
  •      POSReady 2009
  •      Atom 1.6 GHz Fanless
  •       1 GB RAM
  •      80 GB Hard drive
  •      MSR Credit Card Swiper
  •      1 Star 650 Thermal Printer

Main Software Features:

  • Easy to Use - PointOS is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. All frequently used functions are easy to find, and less-frequently used functions are not in the way.
  • Inventory Control - PointOS automatically tracks inventory giving you exact numbers of what you have and what you'll need to order. Reduce loss and reduce your cost.
  • Customer Tracking - Customer's sales can be tracked, they can be banned, and they can even have their favorite songs play when they walk in the door.
  • Over 120 Different Reports - PointOS tracks nearly everything, and you can view this information in easy to use reporting. You can even export to Excel or email yourself a report.
  • Integrated Credit Cards - when paired with Merchant Warehouse, PointOS makes accepting credit cards incredibly easy. You can charge, add gratuity, and even pre-authorize a card before running a tab.
  • Age Verification - When paired with a license scanner, PointOS will verify all US and Canadian driver's licenses for age and validity. Your servers will have the tools to stop underage sales.
  • Integrated Music - PointOS has integrated a music player that allows servers to add songs to a mix. Customers can also choose their favorites to play automatically when they visit.
  • Table Selection - Quickly setup a table layout of your bar, club or restaurant for easy selection of tabs by table.
  • Customer Newsletter - Easily create and send a html newsletter to your customers. Increase business by letting them know of news, specials, and events.
  • PointOS To QuickBooks - Easily send all financial data to QuickBooks, for simple accounting. Works with just one click.
  • Manager Dashboard - All major system functions can easily be monitored from the manager dashboard. You will know the overall status of your location all from one screen.

Coming Soon with the release of PointOS Version 5.0 - additional Features:

  • PCI Compliant - With the release of Version 5.0, PointOS will be compliant with PCI standards for increasing credit card security transactions.
  • Gift Certificate Application - Customer's can now give the gift of a visit to PointOS establishments in a few easy steps.
  • Coupon Application - Increase repeat customer's with an easy to use Coupon Application.
  • Customized Pizza Building Application - Loading your customer's pizza's with their favorite toppings has never been easier.
  • House Accounts - Hotels and clubs can now run ongoing tabs for their most valued customers.

Client satisfaction is the driving force in the success of the five-year-old POS software company, and the hard work is paying off. "I love PointOS! I have bartenders who also work at other bars, and they are always commenting how much they like PointOS compared to the other places they work. They love the features and say it's just so easy to use. It's perfect for us," said one satisfied customer, Robin Dolph, Owner of Coyotes Sports Bar in Cantonment, Fl.

PointOS customers primarily consist of small to medium-sized hospitality establishments, but their continued success and positive reputation in the business is beginning to turn the heads of larger franchise operations. They offer owners and operators an exceptional full-featured solution at an extremely competitive price. All executives and developers are hospitality industry veterans themselves, and their combined experience and knowledge used to create PointOS answers the demands and exceeds the needs of bars, clubs and restaurants. This industry insight coupled with their incessant hunger for superior customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from the competition, and will all but ensure their continued growth.

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