Preparing Your Summer Cocktail List

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of freshness that can be added to creative cocktails. Drinks are muddled and garnished beautifully to add an extra zing to a base spirit or cocktail for a unique house special.  A well-crafted summer cocktail can be pleasing to the eye, enchanting to the palate, and uplifting to the spirit.

It’s time to break out of your rut by fixing a new set of cocktails featuring a range of seasonal ingredients based on current trends. Here are a couple of secrets to creating tasty summer concoctions.

Floral Flavors
Fruity drinks combined with floral flavors are definitely back in fashion this summer. Adding lavender, elderflower and rose invigorate customer’s senses and taste wonderful when mixed with the right spirit. Bartenders can also flavor syrups with flowers by steeping them in simple syrup and use them as garnishes for a fresh summer cocktail.

Blended Drinks
Don’t forget to pull out your blender once again for the frozen libations that make a hot day so much better. In addition to the classics remember that you can use your blender for adult smoothies where you can add vitamins and minerals. Think outside of the box when it comes to whirling up custom concoctions.

Bottled Cocktails
As noted in last week’s article The Emergence of Draft and Bottled; bottled cocktails have seen a resurgence recently. More ‘ready-mixed’ drinks, punch bowls and pre-mixed cocktails will be in speed rail bottles. Some say the preparing and crafting of a drink are lost with bottling; however high-quality beverages can still be created without detracting from the personalized one-on-one service and, of course, taste.

Beer Cocktails
As you are well aware the craft beer scene has really taken off and this trend will continue throughout the summer. With the array of styles and flavors it’s no wonder why bartenders across the country have been utilizing these beers in the creation of new cocktails. Beer cocktails are fun and refreshing for the hot summer days.

Low-alcohol and Non-alcohol Cocktails
As the shift toward organic and health conscious continues there will be an upswing in patrons searching for low- and non-alcohol cocktails.  It’s encouraging to see a wide selection of vitamin-infused, blood orange and energizing alcohol free cocktails available on-premise, but the category still is widely untapped.

Brown Spirits
Mixologists talk about putting away the brown spirits and switching to the clear ones in warm weather, but the fact is the explosion of new craft whiskey distilleries continues. With the continued push and launches of new products throughout 2013 curiosity will continue throughout the summer. So be sure to prepare a refreshing brown spirit based drink for the cool summer nights.

Citrus Zest
Citrus is a staple when it comes to summer cocktails and the juicy lemons, limes and grapefruits can give your cocktails a crispness that your female patrons will love. Therefore, make sure to keep a citrus cocktail in rotation at all times with the warmer weather.


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