Presenting the 2013 NCB Entrepreneurs Program Winners Profiles

Nightclub & Bar Media Group congratulates the winners of the 1st Annual Nightclub & Bar Entrepreneurs Program Awards! In its inaugural year, the national awards program celebrates emerging small businesses producing innovative products for the nightlife industry. The three winners were featured at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show that took place on March 19 – 21 in Las Vegas.

A big thank you goes out to all of this year’s competitors as well as the judges who carefully considered hundreds of entries. Below are the winning profiles of the Nightclub & Bar Entrepreneurs Program.

V-One Vodka
Paul J. Kozub concocted the revolutionary V-One Vodka in the basement of his Hadley home with a budget of $6,000. “My first job after college was in banking. After work my bosses would be drinking expensive vodka, so I began to get into high quality vodka. In September of 2003 my Polish grandfather passed away and left each one of his grandkids $6000. It was at this moment that I decided to quit my job and start making V-One,” Paul explains as he remembers how his endeavor in high quality vodka began.

V-One Vodka is the only 100% Spelt Vodka on the market. “Spelt is one of the rarest and most expensive grains in the world, this variety dates back some 7000 years and is known as the mother of all grains,” Kozub explains. Nearly all other vodkas use lesser ingredients such as corn, rye, or potatoes which give the drinker a harsh, burning sensation. 

The same recipe that was brewed in the comfort of Kozub’s basement is now distilled five times in Poland using a sophisticated distillation process that removes impurities and contributes to V-One’s notably clean finish. This distillery has the most modern equipment in all of Poland, allowing V-One to be distilled to the highest standards available and making the vodka one of the cleanest on the market.

Paul Kozub has just launched his new extension from V-One, V-One Love. ”I really like the idea of having V-One emotions, not flavors; I am working on another one as we speak,” Kozub tells us; so keep an eye open for V-One’s new, expressive libations. Kozub goes on to tell us that he and his team take their time perfecting their line additions, but it is certainly worth the wait.

Egress Marketing Solutions – E-Lume-A-Path
Egress Marking Solutions has produced the E-Lume-A-Path (ELAP) Engress Path Marking System which is a convenient creation which all nightclubs and bars should consider investing in. The E-Lume-A-Path is a low level path marking and lighting system that provides a floor level, uninterrupted lighted path to safety while highlighting the doors of the appropriate emergency exits. The E-Lume-A-Path Egress Path Marking System is activated by input signals from fire alarm or other emergency systems. The system automatically activates in the event of a power failure with battery backup maintaining the system operation for over four hours at full load.

“The reality in the news is filled with tragic events that could have ended differently; fires, shootings, bombings, and as we build bigger and bigger venues the need for better             evacuation plans and Egress Markings has emerged,” the Application Engineering & Sales expert with Egress, Howard Moore explains. “That’s where our system comes in,  when activated it provides low level proximity lighting that is visible through smoke, that creates an illuminated  path of egress that also surrounds the exit doors so there is clear definition as to where you exit.  It’s really designed to help eliminate confusion during an emergency.”

Egress Marking Solutions is in business for the customer; this revolutionary product, E-Lume-A-Path will prevent many potentially dangerous situations and create a safe environment for all guests. “Four states have already adopted new code requiring “illuminated egress pathway marking,” Moore tells us. Don’t be surprised when the remaining 46 states implement the ground-breaking creation that is E-Lume-A-Path into their building codes. Egress Marking Solutions has transformed the safety expectations for nightclubs and show no signs of slowing down. Moore informs us that America should be on the lookout for new innovations in the form of illuminated architectural elements!

Over one billion smartphones are used every day with 50% of the Internet consumed on mobile, and mobile websites are not enough – people use apps six times more than mobile browsers.  A shift in marketing strategy is imperative for businesses and it is evident that saambaa understands this new development in marketing after considering their new application for iPhone and Android, PlanChat.

“Apple picked saambaa from over 500,000 apps to be featured on the front page of the App Store,” Matt Voigt, Co-founder and CEO of saambaa, tells NCB. The PlanChat platform allows any business to license and publish their own powerfully branded mobile marketing app starting at just $99/mo.  Businesses get their own unique, custom-branded iPhone and Android app to engage customers and, more importantly, customers’ friends. “Plus all their promotions and events also become discoverable on saambaa.  It's the rare win-win-win scenario,” Voigt goes on to say. This is relevant to businesses because branded apps are more than just an extension of a business’ website - they're designed to expand word of mouth marketing on promotions and generate more revenue.

This patented technology gives patrons the power to share promotions with friends using text messages, emails and push notifications - sent by your patrons to their friends. Simply put, PlanChat apps get customers to spread the word and make plans with friends to meet up.  It's perfect to promote happy hours, specials, game day viewing, trivia night, live music, events - whatever a business wants. With this universal shift in marketing strategies, businesses must change with the times, and saambaa has proven to be ahead of their time with PlanChat. Voigt tells us that the industry should expect great things from saambaa regarding new marketing strategies, “We have so many new features coming online soon.  Plus a big surprise, which we'll let you know about when it rolls out in the next few months.” /

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