Presenting the 2013 NCB Nightclub Award Winner Profiles

Nightclub & Bar is proud to showcase a selection of shining examples of originality, artistry, enterprise and prosperity — qualities essential to not only surviving but thriving in the modern nightlife industry. Many Winners were at the 2013 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, March 19-21, walking the Red Carpet and receiving their awards!

A big shout out goes out to all of this year’s competitors as well as the judges who carefully considered hundreds of entries. Keep an eye on in the coming weeks for the winning profiles of the Bar and Vegas Nightclub Categories.


Dayclub of the Year: Roof on the Wit, Chicago, IL
When heading up to the 27th floor of the Wit Hotel, one cannot help but be overcome with anticipation to get to ROOF. With its sweeping views of Downtown Chicago and chic interior, this bar has no shortage of modern luxury. There are four lavished areas of ROOF, the Patio, Living Room, Hangover, and Loft; each are equipped with their own separate splash of sophistication. The most breathtaking characteristic of ROOF on the Wit, however, is its newest architectural feature; in May 2012, a retractable, glass enclosure was added to keep the party going all year round. The glass roof attracted local and national media attention becoming the inspiration for many rooftop lounges similar to ROOF.

An eclectic customer base is drawn to ROOF due to the lively atmosphere, libations, and entertainment. While enjoying the magnificent view of Downtown or dancing the day away, customers of ROOF can enjoy small dishes and carefully, handcrafted cocktails. Whether guests are in search of an eventful Sunday afternoon, a Friday night filled with techno beats and house music, or even a fashion show; the elevator ride up to the 27th floor of the Wit is well worth the trip.

Mega-Club of the Year: Lure, Hollywood, CA
After crossing through a magical garden complete with 12 oversized cabanas, water features, and flower sculptures, guests have reached the entrance to Lure in the heart of Hollywood, California. The interior of Lure has a retro, sleek ambiance. LED screens are scattered throughout the nightclub which are surrounded by suede to soften the atmosphere.  Behind the main bar at Lure is an extravagant, 14 foot fire sculpture and the “secret garden.” This is a deluxe garden with suspended plants, 6 foot chandeliers, mahogany floors, and mosaic style bars.  Outfitted with 18,000 square feet, a possible capacity of 1,700 and four full service bars, Lure is the premium nightclub for the ultimate Los Angeles club experience.

Lure has a dining patio and lounge where guests can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines prepared carefully by the chefs. While the food at Lure is delicious, Lure is notorious for their raging club scene. There is never a slow night at Lure or short supply of entertainment. The club has a monstrous 50,000 watt stereo system, high definition LED wall, and 110 entrancing lights that are choreographed with the music on the dance floor. There is an indoor and outdoor stage for DJ’s and live entertainment to keep guests dancing all night. When looking for the top nightspot in LA, look no further than the heart of Hollywood and go dance the night away at Lure.

New Club of the Year: HQ Nightclub, Atlantic City, NJ
HQ Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is as extravagant as it is entertaining. The 50,000 square foot club is able to accommodate 2,500 guests. Located in the center of Revel Resort and Casino, HQ is the perfect beachfront escape. Sporting four floors each with a different experience and vibe, there is something for everyone at HQ. One floor has a horseshoe shaped dance floor promoting interaction and energy, when another is more accommodating to the patron drinker trying to escape the pulsating party below. The nautical themed rooftop, complete with a breathtaking view of the ocean, exudes the sensation of cruising on the Atlantic. There are also multiple full service bars throughout the club for guests to get their fix of beers and cocktails.

HQ Nightclub strives to entertain and they deliver. HQ is host to some of the best local DJ’s along with some of the largest names in the industry such as Avicii, Kascase, and Bambi. There are several stages, including a suspending stage which DJ’s and live talent performs for the nightlife crowd. HQ is home to amazing audio-visual displays; the combination of lights, three floor-to-ceiling LED screens, and pulsating music, the club provides guests with an unparalleled performance for the eyes.

As if the music and special effects were not enough, HQ has dancers and performers roaming around the club to enhance the customers’ experience. At the high points of a night, cannons shoot out confetti to create a euphoric, techno-enhanced evening.

Nightclub of the Year: Amnesia, New York, NY
New York City’s premier nightclub, Amnesia, has continuously proven that their name is tremendously ironic because a visit to Amnesia will result in a night one simply cannot forget. Sporting 40 foot ceilings, the immensity of the room allows the club to constantly redecorate to correlate to the current season or holiday resulting in different experiences for customers. Amnesia understands that guests come to their club for an extravagant escape of libations, music, and memories; Amnesia strives to create a safe and exciting environment for their guests.  

The staff’s top priority is always the customer; the bartenders focus on quality drinks poured in a timely fashion. Approximately 75% of the employees at Amnesia have been with the club since its Grand Opening. Amnesia’s commitment to its guests and hospitality creates an unparalleled experience. The lighting, smoke, lasers, and sounds from the DJ or performer combine to create the ultimate nightclub experience. This high energy nightclub sets the mark for places to be in New York. Amnesia always provides an unforgettable experience for their customers.

Ongoing Promotion/Party/Event of the Year: Ritual at FLUXX Nightclub, San Diego, CA
Fluxx, the 11,000 square foot nightclub, has constructed quite the reputation for itself. This upscale club located in San Diego has a sense of playful sex appeal that cannot be found in any other bar. Fluxx is known for many things such as the celebrity sightings and the constant change of décor and theme. The ongoing promotions and changes in theme every eight weeks creates an exciting and new experience for customers with every visit to Fluxx; there is one in particular that stands out, however.

Fluxx was transformed into an exotic rainforest where live greenery, brightly colored spears, 16 foot tambourines, and hand-dyed Bargello and Navajo inspired sidewall panels engulfed the club. This tropical escape was named Ritual. The scenery of Ritual is unparalleled to any other promotion. The brightly painted wood branches, mix of natural and neon colors, and floor to ceiling wooden feathers balanced perfectly with the live foliage.

Dancers with neon, tribal inspired outfits, face paint, feathers, and fringe were spread throughout the club to enhance the customers overall experience. As if beautiful, tribal dancers were not good enough, Fluxx brought in aerial choreographers to teach the dancers to do what they called the “Ritual Mating Dance” from above the revelry below.

The equipment at Fluxx that was used during Ritual rivals venues around the world. There were 1,000 linear feet of LED lighting that encircled the dance floor. The lights were infinitely customized in color and movement. 25-quarter watt laser rain was installed in the ceiling to top it off, making it impossible for clubs around the world to create a more realistic portrayal of a rainforest. Fluxx’s Ritual transported party-goers to another realm with the combination of bumping music, dancers, and visual effects; it will be extremely difficult for nightclubs to compete with the notorious promotion in the future.

Resident DJ of the Year: Jermaine Dupri, Playhouse Nightclub, Hollywood, CA
The Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles California is a spectacular venue with a reputation for their raging parties, celebrity sightings, and their stacked entertainment lineup. Playhouse’s reputation is heightened due to their resident DJ, Jermaine Dupri. Dupri is an accomplished song writer, rapper, and record producer who has won multiple Grammys. Mr. Dupri has packed the house for impressive parties such as Playhouse’s Annual Pre-Grammy Party, the BET Awards celebrations and his own official birthday party. He also hosts his own Friends With Benefits Saturday nights at Playhouse.

Jermaine Dupri has acquired a very impressive following of hip hop lovers, celebrities, and Hollywood A-listers by way of his high energy, unique performances with impromptu appearances by P.Diddy, Wiz Khalifa, Nelly, and more. Jermaine says, “When I play at Playhouse, I bring the party to a whole other level.” When asked what makes the party at Playhouse so special, he states, “Playhouse is such a great mix of people, and the energy is always high! People dance, celebrate and PARTY all night…For a DJ that's the best setting eva!” Jermaine Dupri has great talent and a love for music unparalleled to that of other men. Playhouse is extremely proud to have this skillful, spirited DJ as a part of their amazing line up.

Single Promotion/Party/Event of the Year: World Jetski Finals Pro Party at Kokomo Havasu, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Every October in Lake Havasu City in Arizona, The World Jet Ski Championships are held. This event is host to 30 different countries all competing for world titles; 10,000 racers and spectators come together to indulge in this water sport competition. But it’s not just the jet skiers who compete - all the nightclubs in the area compete for their share of the many dollars brought in from The World Jet Ski Championship, Kokomo Havasu being the continuous nightclub leader.

This past year Kokomo Havasu held a huge industry party called “The Worlds Finals Pro Party.” Being that the demographic being pulled into Lake Havasu City is 80% males, a sexy girl Disc Jockey is brought in from Los Angeles. Special drinks are mixed with clever racing themes. There are also games in the club and industry giveaways throughout the night.

The climax of the night, however, is not a typical event seen in just any nightclub. Kokomo Havasu brings in a professional “freestyle” rider to perform a back flip in their pool. In 2011, one back flip was performed but this past year in 2012, two back flips were done! A video clip of the jet skiing acrobatics was put on YouTube and received 200,000 views in one week and was given national attention when featured on popular television show Tosh.O. The impact of this promotion solidified Kokomo Havasu as the premier Worlds Finals Party Bar.

Small Nightclub of the Year: Harvard & Stone, Los Angeles, CA
The nightlife in East Hollywood was a dead and pretentious area; key word: was. Harvard & Stone was established in February of 2011 and through those two years; H&S has completely turned around the nightlife of East Hollywood. Harvard and Stone redefines the nightlife with its new breed of bar. Harvard & Stone has an overall capacity of 250 coming to enjoy a craft beer or carefully mixed cocktail. This venue is host to a very eclectic group of customers from hipsters to rockers due to their unpretentious atmosphere and mix of oldies, blues, and rock and roll blaring throughout.

The staff at Harvard & Stone is very humble and approachable. The bartenders are quick and creative with their drinks and have the best products to work with. Each drink is treated like a work of art and they take pride in exceeding expectations. Whether the customer desires a nice cold beer or an all new cocktail, the bartenders at Harvard & Stone can whip it up. No one leaves unsatisfied from H&S.

The notorious burlesque shows leave audiences stunned as beautiful girls swing above the bar, cling to the rafters, and tiptoe across the tables to the guitars rocking in the background. Harvard & Stone also hosts arts events such as tattoo parties in collaboration with the tattoo parlor next door; this makes for a very unique nightclub experience. Between the rocking tunes, hospitality, and delicious libations, Harvard & Stone is the “it” spot in East Hollywood.

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