Presenting the 2014 Top 100 Nightclub & Bar Top 10 Profiles

Top 100 2014

The correlation between exceptional customer service, operations, promotions and high sales is unmistakable when looking at the revenue numbers showcased in the Nightclub & Bar Top 100 list.

XS Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas secured the top spot on the annual Top 100 list for the second consecutive year after generating more than $90 million in 2013 revenue. The Top 10 venues include many veterans of the Top 100 with Las Vegas venues representing seven and Miami venues representing two of the Top 10 spots. 

Below we have provided brief explanations as to why these clubs have been continuously surpassing the competition.



#1 XS Nightclub
Did they say Las Vegas is the city of excess, or XS? When walking into XS, it is impossible not to notice the extravagance of the venue that is inspired by the alluring curves of the human figure.  Hospitality has become synonymous with Wynn and Encore and expectations are met just the same at XS Nightclub. Filled with grade-A sound systems, beautiful light shows and the always energized clientele to help and create the atmosphere, XS provides the perfect customer experience. The model servers are nothing but stunning, speaking on both their appearance and service. XS continued to rock the house with EDM superstars such as David Guetta, lil Jon and more spinning throughout the year. XS hold their streak of #1 in Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 generating $90-95 million in 2013.

Marquee Nightclub

#2 Marquee Nightclub
Best word to describe Marquee Nightclub is Energy. Marquee is sporting three floors, each with a different feel and genre of music so there is something for everyone. Marquee is located inside the Cosmopolitan right on The Strip so the view is unparalleled. Along with world renowned performances from DJ’s such as Sander Van Doon and DJ Carange, the extras provided to enhance the overall experience is unreal; once the beat drops through the crowd and the confetti, foam, and/or glow sticks come out, the party is sure to keep going into the early morning. Marquee Dayclub also continues to make a splash with customers. Overall Marquee pulled in $85-90 million in 2013. Celebrated EDM artists, energetic clientele mixed with excellent service and delicious cocktails makes for the excellence Marquee has achieved.

TAO Las Vegas

#3 TAO Las Vegas
The Asian themed nightclub, TAO is nothing short of luxurious; the space includes three full-service bars, private skyboxes, a 40-foot outside terrace overlooking The Strip and two main rooms with a variety of music to ensure guests can have different experiences in each area of the club. Adding to the sensual Asian theme, guests can set their eyes on the beautiful bathtub models amongst rose pedals. Celebrities are also no stranger to the nightclub. TAO Lounge and TAO Beach offer a more relaxed experience than the Nightclub, but decadent nonetheless. TAO Las Vegas brought in $50-55 million in 2013.


#4 Surrender Nightclub
The #4 spot on our Top 100 is appropriately named Surrender Nightclub because it’s simply impossible not to surrender to the vibe of this must see Vegas spot. Surrender Nightclub has multiple dance floors and with famous EDM stars gracing the stage on a nightly basis, the energetic atmosphere at this club is truthfully something to experience first-hand. The luxurious cabanas add to the sexy feel of the nightclub. Add all this together with a hospitable attitude and you have got the perfect customer experience lined up. Surrender Nightclub generated $45-50 million in 2013.

LIV Miami

#5 LIV
LIV is once again in our Top 100 because they constantly are redefining the nightlife scene in Miami Beach. Created by MMG Nightlife, LIV is the ideal night spot for guests as the club infuses aspects of an ultra, exclusive lounge with a high-energy nightclub. LIV is 18,000 square feet of an intoxicating musical variety during its four weekly nights. LIV sets the stage for the ultimate nightlife experience in Miami; Wednesday/Friday-Sunday offers VIP tables, private skyboxes, three full-service bars and a stunning main dance floor. LIV is the place to see and be seen in Miami; the club pulled in $40-45 million this past year.


#6 Pure Nightclub
Equipped with a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip, PURE Nightclub embodies the essence of Las Vegas nightlife. PURE is no stranger to celebrity sightings; the euphoric atmosphere creates a safe haven for even the most popular of stars. With 36,000 square feet, PURE is three venues in one, each with its own sound and style. PURE has been recognized for numerous awards, and it is no wonder why with its chic design, impeccable service and lively DJ’s. PURE gives their guests an experience of a lifetime each and every night so it is no wonder they earned $30-35 million in 2013.

LAVO New York

#7 LAVO New York
LAVO is known for the excellent dining experience they provide for their guests and then for their DJ coming in and filling the room with irresistible tunes that make it impossible to not get up and dance. LAVO NY is in our Top 100 because it has it all. This club has a high energy atmosphere with flawless customer service. LAVO NY proved their prominence in not just the New York area but throughout the entire country by raking in $30-35 million this past year. LAVO is a go to spot when visiting New York, from the sleek design to bumping music, it is a must see.


#8 Story Nightclub
Story Nightclub in Miami is a unique destination for guests looking for a high energy nightlife experience. Story is 27,000 square feet which leave plenty of room for patrons to move to the beats bumping from the state-of-the-art Hybrid Sound System and its concert like lighting and visuals. The club’s stylish design and sophisticated feel compliment a premium bottle service experience, offering over 60 exclusive VIP tables & five full-service bars. Story’s in-house production & design team transforms the venue on a nightly basis into an extravagant circus-style setting where nothing’s shocking. Story pulled in $25-30 million last year.

LAVO Las Vegas

#9 LAVO Las Vegas
LAVO Las Vegas is well known for their delicious food selections and if that is not enough to make a customer come back, the upstairs, LAVO Nightclub, certainly is. LAVO Nightclub is a lounge that differs from most of the nightclubs on the strip, as opposed to the rowdy party scene, LAVO LV focuses on a classy atmosphere and exceptional service. The décor of LAVO Las Vegas is breathtaking, it’s very sophisticated and it has been said that the club is comparable to an old, extravagant library.  LAVO Las Vegas came up big making $25-30 million in this past year.

Hyde Bellagio

#10 Hyde Bellagio
Hyde’s first Las Vegas location has proved to be a success making it on Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 list. The extravagance of this club is incredible; the design invites guests to take in Sin City with floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive terrace. There is a stunning view of the fountains of Bellagio which can transform anyone’s normal night out into something magical. Guests can enjoy gourmet small plates from Circo, Hyde’s award winning mixology program, VIP tables, bottle service and a diversity of DJ’s and live performances until sunrise. Hyde brought in $25-30 million in 2013.

Honorable Mention Hakkasan NightclubHakkasan
Guests will receive a premium nightlife experience at Hakkasan Nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip. The club sports four floors, all with their own flavor and theme to enhance a customer’s night on an hourly basis. The DJ lineup for Hakkasan is simply unmatched; with top names such as Calvin Harris, lil Jon and DJ Carnage in the mix, it becomes nearly impossible to compete. Hospitality is second nature to the employees at Hakkasan; the cocktail waitresses are just as beautiful as they are helpful. The club itself is simply spectacular and when you add in the stunning dancers and bumping beats, it makes for the perfect Vegas night out. Hakkasan deserves the most honorable of mentions even thought it was not officially open for a full twelve months to qualify for an official Top 100 listing.


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