Product Snapshot: Exciting Products on the Market

Editor’s Note:  Product Snapshot is an ongoing series of bar, nightclub and restaurant product reviews. If you have a product that you would like reviewed please send a product fact sheet or formal press release, image and contact information Kristen Santoro at [email protected]



Photo: Jason Little 

Exciting and innovative bar, nightclub, restaurant, spirit and beer products are hitting the market every day. Here we have taken the guess work out of searching endlessly for that new product that will help your bottom line profits soar.


Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars

We’ve all seen our share of electronic cigarettes but well-constructed, realistic electronic cigars? Not so much.  That’s where Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars come in.  Delivering consistent flavor, a pleasant aroma, luxury “vaping” and premium construction, these 800-puff electronic cigars are ideal for relaxing at home and stepping out on the town.  Try the Royale for a large ring size and dark wrapper or the Cubana for a smaller ring size, lighter wrapper and refined experience.   Be on the lookout for their latest entry into the vaping market, 200-puff mini-electronic cigars available in 6 different flavors, including grape, lemon and strawberry.  Still not sure?  Jon Taffer himself keeps two on him.

Fair Quinoa Vodka

Fair Spirits is both a premium spirits company and a socially responsible one, dedicated to ethical production and sustainability.  Fair sources their quinoa from the Altiplano plateau of Bolivia.  Once sourced, the ingredients are sent to the Cognac region of France so that their spirits can be created by Master Brewer and Distiller Philip Laclie.  The result is a smooth premium vodka with a pleasing taste that can certainly hold its own against better known – for now – vodkas.

Joseph James Brewing Company, Inc. Citra Rye Pale Ale

Southern Nevada craft beer company Joseph James Brewing is expanding into new markets and it’s about time!  Their Citra Rye Pale Ale achieves its bready malt flavor and dry finish by combining 2-row, Vienna and Rye malts and then adding Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.  Notes of passionfruit, gooseberry and lychee with an ABV of 5.4% and 55 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).

Tap It Brewing Co. Café Noir

Hailing from San Luis Obispo, Tap It Brewing Co. offers some of finest craft beer on the market, due in part to their well-balanced products.  Their very latest, the 9.3% ABV Café Noir is an Imperial Coffee Porter, aged 8 months in Pinot Noir barrels (sourced from Sea Smoke) and infused with locally sourced coffee just before bottling for a unique, fresh flavor.  Also try their hoppy IPA, robust Full Blown Stout and light, refreshing Pi ale.


Tatratea is a line of premium spirits based on black Assam tea coupled with hundreds of hand-picked botanical ingredients combined in a unique and innovative fermentation process.  Additionally, the lineup consists of varying proofs, from the light and refreshing Tatratea Citrus (32% alcohol) in a lime green bottle to the complex yet smooth Outlaw (72% alcohol) that comes in a gunmetal bottle.


The Vaportini is a revolutionary and stylish new way to consume alcohol.  Eschewing traditional consumption, alcohol is inhaled rather than swallowed, going directly into the bloodstream, most often providing a mellow buzz.  Best of all, it’s easy to use and definitely attracts attention.  An ounce of a spirit is poured into the glass globe which is then placed on the base, perched over a small candle and heated for 5 minutes.  The vapor is then inhaled through a straw.  This works with best with higher proof, flavorful spirits, allowing the subtleties and flavors to really shine through when inhaled.


Another entry into the vapor market, the VApshot is a fun and innovative way to consume spirits.  The machine is designed for high volume commercial use and injects a fine mist of spirits into specially designed, pressurized containers.  To serve the VApshot you simply twist and pop the top and inhale the vaporized alcohol through a straw.  A single 750ml bottle of 80-proof alcohol can produce up to 1,500 VApshots. 


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