Product Snapshot: Increasing Your Bottom Line

Editor’s Note:  Product Snapshot is an ongoing series of bar, nightclub and restaurant product reviews. If you have a product that you would like reviewed please send a product fact sheet or formal press release, image and contact information Kristen Santoro at [email protected]


Innovative Bar Products to Help Your Bottom LineExciting and innovative bar, nightclub and restaurant products are hitting the market every day. Here we have taken the guess work out of searching endlessly for that new product that will help your bottom line profits soar.

Black Diamond Brewing Company Whiteout Wheat

Concord, CA’s Black Diamond Brewing Company has brewed up a different take on the Belgian Wit.  Black Diamond combined pale, malted wheat, toasted flaked malt, flaked oats, light Munich malt and biscuit malt with Magnum and Hallertau Select hops and bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, coriander seeds and chamomile flowers to create this refreshing craft beer.  Whiteout Wheat is dry, light and tart with a citrus nose and features spice and herbal tones as well.  The beer is endlessly drinkable with an ABV of 4.8% and IBUs in the low teens.

Captain Morgan White Rum

Diageo brand Captain Morgan has stepped into the white rum ring to duke it out with Bacardi and Shellback with Captain Morgan White Rum.  The 80-proof white rum has a light nose, giving off hints of vanilla, cola and a small amount of black pepper.  This rum is slightly sweet with vanilla and sugar notes and boasts a medium finish.

Johnny Appleseed Cider

Anheuser-Busch was serious when they decided to introduce Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider to the market.  More than 750 men and women aged 21 to 34 helped to co-design the cider and brand.  Developed from the ground up, this the first completely new brand offered by Anheuser-Busch in 8 years.  The flavor profile is intense and sweet with, obviously, crisp apple notes.  It’s best served on the rocks.

Dirty Tequila

For those looking for a unique spirit experience, Dirty Tequila has you covered.  This Blue Agave silver tequila is infused with cinnamon and pineapple, along with other fruits and sweeteners such as Agave nectar.  A smooth tequila, you won’t be wincing from a burnt throat when shooting this spirit or enjoying it chilled and neat or on the rocks.  The potential for some truly amazing cocktails should definitely get mixologists thinking Dirty.


It’s not all spirits and craft beer at Nightclub & Bar.  Each year innovative tech products launch which are aimed at helping your business run more smoothly.  Kallpod consists of simple but elegant hardware that can be matched to the colors of your business and alert various members of staff to customer needs, such as security, placing a drink order and bringing them their check.  Kallpod boasts increased revenue due to customers ordering more, paying faster and frequenting Kallpod-equipped businesses more often.  Kallpod also improves labor efficiency by more than 15 percent.

Berg Liquor Controls Merlin

The Berg Merlin is a wireless liquor control system that lives up to its claim of doing it all.  Merlin offers a POS/cash register interface, an integrated touch screen watch and cocktail pad, two-way RF communication, bartender and server IDs and an average ROI of less than 6 months!  There are plenty more features on offer; for more information, head to their website.  Berg really does seek to keep everyone on both sides of the bar happy.

Revention POS

Revention POS was developed with restaurant professionals in mind, meaning the programmers set out to provide peerless control.  A .NET based POS, industry experts designed Revention as a complete business management tool with several integrated modules, including Intelligent Customer Database, Idea Versus Actual Inventory, Camera Interface, Details Sales Analysis, Mobile Enterprise Reporting App, Kitchen Management and Custom iPhone / Android Mobile App.  Order entry is lightning fast and simple to use, reducing the amount of mistakes and increasing the number of satisfied customers.  For a demo call the Revention sales team at (877) 738-7444.


In addition to the information listed here find countless industry products and services in the Nightclub & Bar Marketplace. The Marketplace is the perfect resource for buyers to prospect through categories filled with merchandise and amenities necessary to run a lucrative nightlife business.

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