Top Ten Beers to Have at a July Fourth Barbecue


July 4th is a wonderful time to celebrate our great country’s independence and birthday. So do I throw a bone to our cousins across the pond and include a few British Beers in my top ten beers to bring to a July 4th BBQ? Nope…they got the Olympics this year and the Queens Jubilee. Lets celebrate and focus on one of the many things that makes our country great….our craft beers!

The Alcohol Professor top 10 beers to bring or serve at your July 4th BBQ.

1. Blue Point Hoptical Illusion
Granted the packaging looks like July 4th fireworks went off on it…Grab this golden ale which won a silver at the New York International Beer Competition.

2. Bronx Brewery Pale Ale
New craft brewery already producing terrific beer. Using five different malts to create a citrus aroma. Fort Apache its not!

3. Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner
Garrett Oliver (named my dog after him) continues to produce solid beers including this Pre Prohibition style Pilsner. See what cool fermentation can create!

4. Dillon DAM Brewery McLuhr’s Irish Style Dry Stout
The Irish fought alongside our Revolutionary Forefathers. Respect that and drink this stout when the sun goes down and embrace its creamy head.

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