Purity Vodka and Kathy Casey Pioneer the H2O Cocktail Concept Movement

NEW YORK - The H2O concept, the new category in cocktail making, will be presented during Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans (July 20th – 24th). Kathy Casey, a leader in the H2O cocktail movement, along with Tony Abou-Ganim, will introduce the new concept during a seminar on July 23rd. Purity Vodka Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen will be leading a discussion on the construction of complex flavors, leveraging the similarities and contrasts between water, natural ingredients and a variety of vodka products.


Purity Vodka’s natural reaction with the water, the complexity of its body and flavors, and its high starch content make it the best choice for an H2O cocktail. Distilled 34 times at Ellinge Castle in Sweden, it is perfectly refined, and so pure that no filtration is needed. This organic vodka is made with a blend of winter wheat and barley, as well as the purest water from a local artesian well. The result is a sophisticated finish, with a complex, full-bodied taste and character unlike any other vodka. Purity Vodka is best embraced and highlighted rather than masked by overly sweet ingredients and powerful flavors. Adding naturally flavored water to Purity emphasizes its complexity and unique flavor.


The H2O cocktail addresses the trend towards dryer, more subtle and complex cocktails, made without artificial flavors or sweeteners, and instead with waters infused with fresh fruits, berries, herbs, spices and smoke. The “new cocktail” movement has redirected imbibers towards more sophisticated, light and handcrafted cocktails in order to emphasize the spirit’s own character instead of concealing it behind sweet liqueurs, juices and soft drinks. The added benefit of cocktails without sugar and artificial ingredients are low-calorie libations that greatly appeal to the increasingly health conscious consumer.


Typically, the H2O process consists of infusing fresh ingredients in water overnight. Bar chefs and mixologists can utilize seasonal, market fresh ingredients to offer their guests an ultra-premium, smooth and clean vodka cocktail that sets a new standard in mixology.


A luxurious alternative to the time consuming water infusion process is the Purity H2O Martini. With a simple splash of water, it is the best way to experience the complexity and smoothness of Purity Vodka.


The official H2O cocktails were developed in conjunction with Kathy Casey, president of Kathy Casey Food Studios and Liquid Kitchen. Casey's unique chef-like approach to signature cocktail development has gained her recognition as one of America's top mixologists.


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