raia Urbana All Day Electronic Music Festival-Roial Eco-Friendly Day and Nightclub

Praia UrbanaName of Club: Praia Urbana
Name of Event: Praia Urbana All Day Electronic Music Festival-Roial Eco-Friendly Day and Nightclub
Location: Austin, Texas
Name of Parent Company: Yassine Enterprises
Square Footage: 16,000
Capacity/Seats: 1,542
Open Date: Oct. 29, 2010
Website: http://www.praiaurbana.com

On May 14, 2011, the daytime music festival Praia Urbana expanded almost 200 miles to Austin, Texas, to become a pioneer in the realm of music festivals. With roots in Houston, Texas, Praia Urbana is the only solely daytime music festival and features international and regional DJs along with local talent playing alongside percussion. Staying true to its name, Praia Urbana or urban beach in Portuguese, transformed Roial Eco-Friendly Day and Night Club into a summer oasis. The captivating waves of electronic music prompted Urb Magazine to vote Praia Urbana as a top summer party in the nation. It is the electronic music enthusiast's fix for their insatiable appetite to the indulgence that is called house.

The event has been going strong for five years in Houston and the success of the inaugural Praia Urbana in Austin spawned two additional festivals held on July 23 and Oct. 22, featuring headliners such as Alison Calagna, DJ Wady and DJ Heather at the three festivals, respectively and is set to commence again in March 2012. Guests arrive scntily clad in the hottest beachwear to enjoy master body painters, sizzling fire dancers, skyscraping stilt walkers and a laser lightshow like no other.

There is no doubt that this music celebration is an event to look forward to all year long. Whether it is spring or fall, Praia Urbana brings the sounds and vibes of summer to all in attendance.

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