The Revolution Ice Shaver Blender Prepares Smooth Beverages

Richmond Va. – The Revolution Ice Shaver Blender combines the ease of one-touch blending with an advanced ice portioning system for consistent, high-volume drink production.

Revolution Ice Shaver Blender



The Revolution Ice Shaver Blender is named in part for the ice portioning system that counts the number of “revolutions”or times the agitator passes the ice across the shaver blade. “This function helps deliver consistently smooth drinks by dispensing the exact amount of shaved ice required, regardless of motor load, versus systems which calculate ice portions by time or weight,” according to Brian O’Flynn, group marketing manager, Hamilton Beach Commercial. “Time systems don’t reliably shave the right amount of ice because the shaving motor speed varies with the load (the motor may spin more slowly when the hopper is full). Systems that rely on the weight of the ice can be inaccurate during blending because of container movement.”

Using a patented Wave~Action blending system, the mixture in the blending container is continuously forced down into the blades, which also helps the Revolution Ice Shaver Blender produce consistently smooth drinks.

The Revolution is designed with a double-wall, five-gallon ice hopper which helps reduce noise and allows the ice to melt at a slower rate, so busy bars can focus on customers and not on refilling the ice. Sensors monitor functions such as whether the hopper lid is in place or the drain line is clogged, helping to avoid messy water backups. A new, brighter LED display is designed for easier operation in dimly lit areas.

“Based on interviews with service centers that repair competitive equipment, and extensive research about how bars and restaurants use shaver blenders and what features they like or dislike, we designed the Revolution® iceshaver blender with busy operators in mind” said O’Flynn. “We think operators will find the Revolution to be a great combination of new product innovations and durability - at Hamilton Beach Commercial we call it Good Thinking.”


Revolution Portion System - For maximum accuracy it counts the number of times the agitator passes the ice over the shaver blade. Regardless of motor load, and unlike timed or weight measuring systems, it delivers the correct amount of shaved ice every time.

Wave~Action System - Continuously forces the mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth drinks.

Insulated Five-Gallon Ice Hopper - Double-wall construction helps reduce noise and keep ice cold.

Powerful 3 HP Motor - Heavy duty, built to satisfy the needs of the busiest bars.

Automatic Cycle Buttons - Allows the operator to select serving sizes and number of servings for precise portion control.

High Production - Simple one-touch operation allows for fast preparation of up to four, 16-ounce drinks at a time.

Sensor Technology - Hopper sensor prevents operation when lid is not in place. Drain line sensor helps
prevent messy water backups.

Stackable 64-ounce Container - Break-resistant container also fits Tempest® and Summit® Blenders.

Warranty - Two year parts and labor or 25,000 cycles, whichever comes first. Covered under the
Express Care service program. See Website for details.


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