Rich Welcovitz: Sales through Service

Plant the seeds of customer loyalty - and profits - by providing superior customer service. Image: Getty

When you hear “sales through service,” what comes to mind?

  • Helping guests.
  • Assisting guests while selling a product or service.
  • Increased satisfaction.
  • Perceived value for the product or service the guest is purchasing.

Those are all great answers!

Think of a time that you had great service

What did the bartender do that made you want to buy? Were they genuine? Did they care about the experience? Did the bartender seem interested?

What did the bartender do that made you NOT want to buy?

Assumed that I wasn’t knowledgeable? Dismissed me when I just wanted to look at the bar menu? How likely are you to return to the location that provided you great service? How about the locations that did not provide great service? Why?

The locations that provide great service have something in common; customers or guests plan to return. Because of great service, guests return and become loyal to that restaurant or brand. Many of our visitors are return guests because they love our brand, experiences, and products we offer. Those guests regularly advocate our brand and guest service to their friends and family. Now this is brand loyalty!

Guests change to another bar or restaurant due to:

  • 70% poor service
  • 15% poor product
  • 15% price

Our guests have shared with us what sales and service employees provide that they view as most irritating. Some examples include:

  • ignoring the guest’s needs;
  • following a script (reading word for word);
  • not personalizing the conversation;
  • and lastly, pushing products or services that are not useful to the guest.

Great guest service and sales go hand in hand. Sales and service staff behaviors are most strongly linked to asking questions in order to identify guest needs rather than waiting for the guest to mention something. It’s also related by focusing on the guest’s needs instead of taking the order or pushing a product.

We are recognized for our level of service. One of the ways we do this is following: The driving principles of consultative selling. We utilize these guiding principles in every sales and service conversation we have with our guests to create brand loyalty and happiness with our guests. These principles are significant in every aspect of our sales and service conversation.

Learn more tips and tricks during my presentation at the Nightclub & Bar Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas on Monday, March 27, 2017, at 1:40 PM. I will address these principles and others to show you how to create happiness for your guests with each visit to your establishment.


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