River Front Times: St. Louis Bartender Matt Seiter a Finalist in Paris of the Plains Bartending Competition

From River Front Times:

Matt Seiter, bar manager of Sanctuaria (4198 Manchester Avenue; 314-535-9700), will be a finalist in the Paris of the Plains Bartending Competition on Sunday, August 26, in Kansas City. The competition pits twelve bartenders from around the country against one another. Each contestant will mix a drink on stage during the Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival, with guests given samples of the drinks, and judges determining the grand prize-winner, who will take home a $1,000 cash prize.

Seiter tells Gut Check, "[It's] an honor to be the only one [from St. Louis]," and that he's "excited to be a part of it."

Seiter says the $1,000 grand prize would, of course, also be nice, but he wants to help the overall mission of the event, too: "What I'd like to do in my time there is help out those cats in Kansas City and make this more of a Midwest scene, start to make a name for the 'No Coast!'"

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