Scott Terheggen left his lucrative real estate career 16 years ago to open Rocks in Laguna Niguel, California. This beach community, located along the Pacific Ocean, is surrounded by six different colleges and has a population of 63 thousand. In its heyday, Rocks was bringing in $50,000 dollars a month.

For the past two years Rocks has consistently been losing $2,000 a month. If Scott doesn’t make significant changes soon he will have to close up shop and sell the bar within the next six months. Known as the “dive off the 5”, Jon gets straight to business upon arrival; challenging the staff and the unruly and inappropriate guests including Scott’s brother-in-law.

As tension rises, it’s clear that there is a lot of work to do. One of the first things Jon does is run a BevIntel report.  Jon is furious when he finds out that the bartenders are giving away over $1,200 worth of liquor a night. He also informs Scott that it is costing him more money in overhead to keep the bar open during the day and he should only open in the evening.

Jon wants Rocks to tap into the thousands of young, hip, college kids that are so prevalent in the area. The bar business is all about the women.  If you can get the women, the men will follow. Therefore, Jon transforms the bar into an industrial-inspired dance club. They replaced the old buzzing speakers with a whole new sound system.  The dingy beer stained carpet that left an unpleasant lingering smell was ripped out.  New furniture was brought in as the staff was trained to keep their uncontrolled pouring under wraps.

The newly designed Power Plant is on its way to becoming Laguna Niguel’s newest nightclub sensation. Pulling in the young clientele and providing an atmosphere that fun, safe and keeps them spending money.

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