Ron Fortuna Wins Gold in Two Major Spirits Competitions

Berniko, LLC has announced the arrival of the newest addition to their portfolio: Fortuna  -- Ron Reserva Exclusiva - 8YO. Released in February of 2012, Fortuna quickly gained a steady following among spirit drinkers everywhere. Ron Fortuna ranked Gold with 92 points as the "BEST BUY" from the Beverage Testing Institute, surpassing well-established and highly esteemed rums such as Don Q Grand Anejo, Ron Barcelo Imperial, and Bacardi 8YO. As if that was not enough, Fortuna also earned Gold at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Ron Fortuna's name derives from the Roman Mythology goddess Fortuna. Just like its name would suggest, Fortuna is the goddess of good luck. Yet this rum needs anything but luck! It contains NO neutral alcohol, making it 100% molasses, 100% delicious, and 100% smooth. Unlike some of its extremely large competitors, Fortuna is a small batch rum, and in this case, smaller is indeed better. From the sugarcane farming, to the bottling ... the entire process is done as a small batch product making it unique and of the highest possible standard.

In the visuals category, customers will line up and be lured in by the elegance of the bottle with its amber touch, German custom label, cork top, and Gold accents. Yet, as is common knowledge, looks only go so far, thankfully for Ron Fortuna, it is backed up by the most exquisite palate and aromas.

Ron Fortuna had its initial launch in liquor stores across the States of Florida, New York, and Texas. Increased sales and fanatics have paved the way for further rollout mid-summer in liquor stores across Georgia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.


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