Of Rum and Rumor

Infamous monsters.  Supernatural entities.  Face-freezing antics.  Rum.  Yes, rum.  Just like the first three items, rum is the subject of several myths.  Luckily none of these myths, at least to my knowledge, involve malevolent forces or permanent facial disfigurement.  Here are some rum myths debunked.

Rum Cocktail Myths

Pirates Preferred Rum

Despite what Captain Jack Sparrow presented on screen, pirates weren't high seas hipsters who turned their noses up at everything but rum.  Pirates liked anything they could plunder, period.  Depending upon their "hunting" grounds and home ports, pirates threw mead and even Spanish wines down their gullets.  It's possible the rum myth originated from sailors drinking grog, a combination of lime, sugar and rum, to combat scurvy.

Rum Only Comes from the Caribbean

While I'm sure that Caribbean distilleries would prefer you believe they're the only source for rum, distilleries in New England were cranking out this spirit prior to the American Revolution.  You may think of beer whenever the term craft is mentioned but plenty of craft distillers are producing rum throughout North America.  Three Sheets from California, Balcones Texas Rum from...Texas and Old Ipswich from Massachusetts are just a few examples of fantastic American rum.

Rum Must be Mixed

Rum and Coke.  Daiquiris.  Piña coladas.  Mojitos.  Dark and stormies.  There are plenty of delicious and famous rum cocktails out there for your enjoyment.  You should, however, take the time to experience and appreciate rum neat.  Aged examples can be every bit as complex and sophisticated as a fine scotch (case in point – El Dorado). 

Rum isn't Sophisticated or Complex

Sadly, there are people out there whose only experience with rum has been limited to punchbowls filled with swill.  As I pointed out way up there, rum can certainly be complex.  Some are smokey like an Islay scotch, some deserve to be sipped and appreciated like a high-end bourbon.  Rum isn't just house party hooch anymore (and it never was, actually).

Rum Imbues You with Special Dance Powers

No.  No, it certainly does not. 

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