Satisfy the Social Community Appetite

Struggling to find out how to build or keep your social media community?  Try these seven tips:

  1. Choose the Right Social Channels
    Starting an account on every available social channel just because others are doing can lead to failure. Choose social channels that are relevant to your business objectives.  A blog can serve as the hub of all your social content. Also, monitor where your audiences are primarily active and reach out to them on these platforms.

  2. Stop Talking About You
    Whether you are sharing content on a blog, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, keep your social media content educational and entertaining.

    Minimize posts about your brand. Customers want to find solutions to their problems. They want to know how to do things better or more efficiently.

  1. Focus on Hot Topics
    Keep your content as varied as possible yet relevant and interesting for audiences. Include content on trending topics, industry subjects, and other informative articles.

    There are lots of ways to tell stories and share best practices with your target audience. Knowing what kinds of content resonates and drives the most traffic lets you create the right mix.

  1. Post Regularly
    Post multiple times in a week. While frequent posting is good, avoid overdoing it. Go with your audience preferences in mind. Do they respond more to weekday posts or weekend posts or do they want posts all days of the week? Change your frequency and time of posting accordingly.

  1. Add Entertainment
    Photos and videos make your posts more interesting and entertaining. Humorous videos are more likely to connect with viewers than factual, straightforward product videos.

  1. Monitor, Review, Adjust
    Keep monitoring audience response to your content. Invite their feedback on your content and get to know the type of content they’re seeking from you, through online polls or discussions. Deliver content as per audience specifications.

  1. Have a Content Strategy Plan
    You need a plan to figure out how to deliver interesting content on a consistent basis so that you may attract and retain the attention of your target audience.  


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