Screening for Effective Management

Turning a profit at a bar and restaurant is totally dependent on have effective management in place. Okay, so you already know that. But what does that mean? What distinguishes an effective manager from one who is ineffective, or worse, counterproductive? More importantly, can you develop a list of attributes that when taken in its totality defines what to look for in new management hires? Suffering the consequences of a bad management hire is costly.

Identifying the attributes you’re looking for in a manager, likely none outweigh someone being “centered.” Prima donnas need not apply. Arrogant, unaccommodating types can stay away. Applicants with anger management issues, gender or race issues, or any other glaring issues, for that matter, can go apply at the competitor’s place.

Centered managers create a more productive and stable staff, which in turn, increases the overall success of the business. People respond well to their direction and trust their judgment. Centered individuals don’t play mind games and aren’t distracted from their responsibilities.

So, what attributes do so-called centered managers possess in common? We took a straw poll and found that on-premise leaders typically have these traits. Good hunting.

Continually Learning— Self-education is the highest form of leading by example. If you’re not continually learning, you’re getting left behind. The learning curve is steep and never-ending. It’s not humility to admit that you don’t know everything about the business, it’s a reality check.

Naturally Hospitable — Some say hospitality is intuitive; others say it’s something that can be learned. Either way, rendering hospitable service is the standard by which success in this business is measured. It’s the principal reason why people return another night. Hospitality starts with the managers.

Radiate Positive Energy — More than putting a favorable spin on things, radiating positive energy is a state of mind, a reflection of one’s perspective on virtually everything. Remaining positive and upbeat are invaluable assets, especially when the business is operating at full and the pressure is stressing out the staff.

See Life as an Adventure — Centered people don’t consider working in the business as drudgery or a hardship. Rather, it’s a privilege and an exciting challenge. Life might not always be an adventure, but it’s darn close.

Be Synergistic — Centered managers work in cooperation with others, not in opposition. Egos are left at home. Synergistic people work in complement with others by forming effective partnerships with the people around them

Belief in Others — Naïveté in business is a liability, but believing in people is essential to developing trust. Controls and training aside, relationships with your employees are predicated on trust. If you don’t believe in your people, they will likely live down to your expectations.

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