Seattle Weekly: Carbonated Cocktails Are Bubbling Up Around Town

From Seattle Weekly:

Seattle has been enjoying carbonated cocktails since Jim Romdall put them on the menu at Vessel in 2008. He worked with Evan Wallace, the designer of the Perlini system, which offers models designed for home use or professional use. There are similar, cheaper tools available for home use, though they are not specifically designed for cocktails. That hasn't stopped some people from trying, because well, bubbles taste better.

What's more refreshing than a little extra effervescence? So why not just add soda or sparkling wine to give your cocktail some fizz? With something like a French 75 or even a vodka and soda, you dilute the drink a great deal when you add sparkling wine or soda, instead of injecting bubbles into all the ingredients. Some experiments are best left to the professionals, and thankfully many bars have fizzy drinks for you to try.

Bars like Canon, Liberty, Montana, and the soon-to-be-revived Vessel all have carbonated cocktails on the menu. The professional version of the Perlini system is preferred over all others. Romdall says they allow for dilution and agitation, just like a regular cocktail shaker. Jamie Boudreau at Canon agrees. "Perlini is the only one that operates like a cocktail shaker and allows us to truly make carbonated cocktails to order. "

So which cocktails benefit most from carbonation? Romdall thinks lighter style cocktails tend to work the best for carbonation, "Like a Corpse Reviver #2 (or #CO2 as we call it when it's carbonated). Spirit forward drinks like a Martini or Sazerac also work, but the result is very different than the original. You don't maintain the soft complexity of some drinks when carbonation is added."


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