Second Base (Almost) Gets Rescued for a Second Time

Bar RescueIn 2012, Jon Taffer was called in to rescue Extreme Sports Bar & Grill, a bikini bar in Orange, CA teetering on the brink of failure. The bar was $180,000 in debt; Taffer immediately took charge and addressed the major issues with Owner Terry and Manager Gary. Taffer then implemented new food, drinks as well as uniforms for the bartenders turning the once failing Extreme into Second Base and as a result sales skyrocketed. However, at the height of their success, Second Base was thrown a curve ball when multiple sports bars opened nearby and began losing $4,000 a month.

Taffer faces many internal and external challenges in order to rescue Second Base for the second time. There is no sidewalk presence whatsoever to this bar; the sign is not even lit up. The rancid smell of Extreme has returned, there is no longer a cocktail menu and the food menu that was created for Second Base no longer exists. The staff reveals that Terry actually has been actively neglecting Second Base; he does not know his employees’ names, does not replace the kegeratgors and does not acknowledge the lack of sanitation behind the bar. The employees at Second Base, including Manager Gary, are passionate and willing to work.

While Lisa Marie Joyce, TGI Fridays 2014 Bartending Champion, acknowledges that Terry is an egotistical, arrogant human being, she still comes back to train the staff because both her and Taffer recognize they are hardworking and willing to learn. Taffer devises a plan to rescue Second Base.

He tells Terry he plans to put $100,000 into Second Base but there’s a catch; Terry has to prove he cares by putting in $30,000. Terry deliberated, however he told the staff and Jon Taffer that he could not come up with $30,000. Taffer plans to help the girls and Gary find jobs in order to help their futures. Six weeks after Taffer left Second Base’s second rescue, sales are still on the decline and Gary continues to work hard as the manager. Gary and the rest of the staff are actively seeking other employment opportunities. Terry still has not invested any money into the bar.


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