Service With A Smile

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

In the hospitality industry, ideals and standards are constantly employed in order to run a prosperous venue. The importance of the hiring process and creating an efficient work environment, in order to create the perfect dishes and cocktails, are endlessly stressed, but sometimes there is not enough emphasis on the simplest of tasks; such as smiling.

It’s called the hospitality industry for a reason. People go out to have a good time, to unwind and let loose; not one customer wants to step into a hostile environment on their down time. Being kind on the job is probably the easiest notion an employer can impress upon his or her staff; yet, unfortunately, it is easier said than done.

The simple yet sometimes ignored idea of kindness must be implemented during the hiring process. Find friendly people that you want to be around and you’re are excited to work with. By doing so, you have a solid pallet to work with.

In training, thoroughly explain the hospitality aspect of your business. Your reputation is everything and that reputation stems from your customers’ experience. This experience, in turn, is shaped from your staff and the effort they put into ensuring their guests have a pleasant stay at your venue.

Let’s take a step back to put things in perspective, all the way back to grade school. Anyone remember the golden rule? Treat others the way you wish to be treated. The art of hospitality can be broken down to this exact concept. At a bar or nightclub, on your off hours, you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable, ignored or insignificant, and neither do your customers. You can create a welcoming and energetic environment with something as small as a statement with a smile.

The power of a simple smile is understated; so many times when I walk by strangers, I try and flash them a smile and they avoid eye contact like my name was Medusa. When in actuality, I had no intention of turning them to stone. It’s the same thing in the hospitality industry. When a customer enters a bar and the hostess is friendly, welcomes the customer and smiles, it immediately encourages positive vibes. If your customer’s kept in a great mood, they are more apt to spend more, leave bigger tips and ultimately make you more money.

It is unexplainably unfortunate that a simple smile must be taught and reiterated, but this is where you can set yourself apart from your competition. Remember, you can have the most competent and well-trained staff in the world, but without the aspect of hospitality, you are back to square one with a dissolute reputation that few can recover from. So always serve with a smile!


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