SFas Infusion Lounge Launches VIP Membership

“If you build it, they will come,” was the adage used by management at San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge when creating the club’s VIP Membership Program, which rolled out May 1. But forget a field of dreams — although you still may spot a famous baseball player or two roaming the club floor — the 500-person capacity club is taking nightlife to a whole new level with its VIP Membership Program.

VIP area at Infusion Lounge

Just what are the benefits of membership? Aside from access to the lavish VIP room (pictured above), bottle service is enhanced through the creation of a customized reserved bottle service cabinet and custom engraved glassware. Members receive their own VIP parking spot and can avoid the long queue outside the club. Birthday revelers can party it up with a birthday event, featuring a complimentary dinner, hotel stay at Hotel Fusion, bottle service and decorations. And it doesn’t end there. The red carpet is rolled out all evening for the premier clientele at Infusion, and at the end of the night, guests (or their friends and family) can use one of their four free stays at Hotel Fusion.

The comprehensive service is designed to make Infusion the go-to destination discriminating partiers, making them feel less like paying customers and more like members of a family — albeit a royal one.

Scott Zachary, general manager of the club, says focusing on a high level of unparalleled customer service is the way to not only boost revenue but also change nightlife in San Francisco. “Our goal is to create an experience that benefits our most valued VIPs and offers them a level of service that they can count on whenever they visit the venue,” he says.

VIP Private Room at Infusion LoungeThe club’s VIP members range from NBA and NFL players to local elites, according to Zachary. The limited memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and membership fees are $1,000 annually.

Although boosting profits isn’t Zachary’s main goal with the VIP program, he says membership fees, high-quality service and catering to the who’s who of San Francisco discerning nightlifers will undoubtedly help Infusion see monetary gains, especially through bottle service. “Infusion Lounge prides itself on VIP Bottle service,” he explains. “The program will increase awareness of the level of service that we provide at our venue. We also expect it to increase awareness of the level of service we offer and ultimately draw in the elite.”

For Zachary and his staff, Infusion Lounge’s VIP Program reflects the evolution of nightclub VIP services. “We believe that true customer service must return to nightlife, and thus we are championing this program. Surely the nightclub clientele will demand these types of programs wherever they go after experiencing Infusion Lounge,” he says.

Once a guest leaves, you want — and need — them to come back, and Zachary says offering customized, personalized experiences like the VIP membership at Infusion is the key to return visits. From dining to drinking to dancing to dreaming, Infusion Lounge is committed to keeping their guests coming back for more.

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