The Shelf (August 2010)

Dreyer’s 30-Second Shakes & Smoothies

Dreyer's Peachy Keeny Smoothie

The Dreyer’s/Edy’s brand introduces 30-Second Shakes & Smoothies — ice cream and smoothie mixes used to blend milkshakes, smoothies or spirit-infused cocktails. The Shakes & Smoothies mixes come in flavors such as Peachy Keeny Smoothie, Nestle Butterfinger Shake and more. They are made with 16 percent liquid ice cream mix and have a nonfat yogurt base, making it easy to pour and blend.

Jade Absinthes

Jade Absinthe

T.A. Breaux, Viridian Spirit and Lucid Absinthe Supérieure joined together to launch three limited-quantity absinthes in the U.S.: Jade C.F. Berger, Jade Esprit Edouard and Jade 1901. Jade C.F. Berger has a bold scent, a full-bodied taste and strong herbal notes, while Jade Esprit Edouard is a reproduction of the defunct Belle Époque absinthes and has a refined texture, delicate tint and smooth flavor. Jade 1901 is balanced with a crisp taste, an herbal aroma and a smooth finish. The absinthes were released in Europe in 2005, replicating the original 19th century brands owned by Breaux.

Smirnoff Mango and Smirnoff Peach

Smirnoff Mango

Smirnoff introduces its Mango and Peach flavored vodkas. Smirnoff Peach uses ripe peach flavoring, is triple distilled and is filtered 10 times, giving it a smooth finish. It mixes well with orange juice or iced tea. Smirnoff Mango is infused with a mango taste and goes well with citrus soda, lemonade and juices. Smirnoff Mango and Peach vodkas are available nationwide.

Maker’s 46

Maker's 46

Maker’s Mark launched Maker’s 46, the brand’s first new bourbon in 52 years. A handcrafted, full-bodied bourbon whiskey, Maker’s 46 is made from red winter wheat. To produce Maker’s 46, fully matured Maker’s Mark is emptied from its barrel and 10 seared French oak staves are attached to the sides. The Maker’s Mark is then placed back in the barrel and aged for several more months, enhancing the natural caramel, vanilla and spice flavors. Maker’s 46 has a full-bodied taste without bitterness. Only 25,000 cases of Maker’s 46 will be available this year.

Koloa Premium Hawaiian Rum

Koloa Rum

Koloa Rum Company is expanding distribution of its Hawaiian Rum from Hawaii to California. Koloa Premium Hawaiian Rum is available in white, gold and dark varieties, and is made from Kaua`i-grown raw crystal sugar. The high concentrations of sucrose and molasses provide efficient fermentation. Koloa is handcrafted and distilled in small batches in the company’s hand-hammered vintage copper pot, which gives the rum a smooth, pure taste. Koloa is a sustainable agricultural company.

Chambord Flavored Vodka

Chambord Vodka

Chambord Liqueur introduces its first line extension outside of liqueurs: Chambord Flavored Vodka a balance of premium French vodka and Chambord’s natural black raspberry flavor. The liqueur has hints of hibiscus aromas and notes of vanilla and white chocolate with a smooth finish. The new entry comes in the updated packaging from Chambord — still in the orb-shaped bottle but with a redesigned neck and cap and clearer, lighter-weight glass. Chambord Flavored Vodka is now available in 13 U.S. markets. .

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