Showcase Your Staff Through Video

If you’re looking for a marketing strategy to increase your restaurant or bar’s connectivity to your target audience, then look no further – the answer is video.

According to the video technology company Unruly Social Video Lab, social video is one of the primary tactics for getting your company noticed. The influence of social video lies within recommendations made by peers and friends and editorial content from blogs and news sources. And it’s all about these recommendations – viewers find more enjoyment in recommended videos than in non-recommended videos; viewers are more likely to recall a brand name from a recommended video; and more viewers are able to engage with a recommended video’s message.

Yard House Kitchen Staff
Photograph of Yard House Kitchen Staff

First thing’s first: commit your restaurant’s marketing strategy to video. Sometimes the hardest part is actually beginning the process; so make sure to plan out your content before you get to work. Always remember to be consistent with your marketing, whether it’s social media marketing or video marketing – consistency should be your #1 marketing goal, since it will bring constant attention to your brand.

Take a cue from Yard House Bar & Grill. Their marketing strategy involves regular video uploads to their YouTube channel. Last week, Yard House posted a video called, “Yard House: Meet Our Heart of House”, a three minute video that features the restaurant’s kitchen team members. A video that concentrates on the company’s staff, gives personality and dimension to a brand – the one thing you don’t want is for a potential customer to think that your company is stagnant and soulless.

Another great aspect of Yard House’s video is that they’ve created a catchy slogan, “The Heart of House”, that is sure to stick in the viewer’s mind. The viewer will associate that phrase with Yard House in the future, and will think positively about how the company treats its employees.

Starbucks also has a great YouTube channel, with regular posts. Starbucks’ most recent video is of a Google+ Hangout they hosted with two experts from their Global Coffee Team and other Starbucks employees. The video showcases Starbucks’ relationship with its employees, and how Starbucks tries to involve and connect with its employees.

Regular uploads and studying your demographic – remember to always ask yourself, “What is my key demographic looking for?” – are both vital to obtaining recommendations and success. Make sure that your videos have easily accessible sharing functionality so spontaneous sharing can take place.


Source: Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

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