SideKick Shot Glasses at Splash Liquid Lounge

SideKick Shot Glasses at Splash LoungeThe products featured at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas are the top of their class and truly money generators if implemented properly into a bar business. One of our own at Nightclub & Bar had the pleasure of stopping into Splash Liquid Lounge in Salisbury, MA. Splash is a 5,000 square foot nightclub located walking distance from Salisbury Beach; location is certainly not a problem for this club so what was the motive behind going to the Nightclub & Bar Show?

Owner Alex Smith explained that being new to the industry, it was essential to find the one place where his managerial staff could cram as much industry knowledge into their heads in the shortest amount of time possible, so they came out to Vegas for the Nightclub & Bar Show this past March.

At the show, Smith and his team purchased bar equipment, glasses, chairs, and lighting equipment. The product that made the biggest impact at Splash Liquid Lounge, however, was a shot glass that cultivates smoke once liquid is poured into it - SideKick Shot Glasses.

“The SideKick Shot Glass was our best purchase hands down. Our club has been nicknamed “Home of the Smoking Shot”. We came across them and were very intrigued by the design at first. Originally my brother was going to test them out but once we saw how quickly they took off, we had to use every one we received for our own bar just to keep up with demand,” Smith clarified.

“I would certainly recommend this product to other bars. But be careful, Splash is the one true home of the smoking shot so you wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with us!” Smith playfully told Nightclub & Bar.

Todd Miller, President of Innovative Barware, explained how the SideKick Shot Glasses work. The top and bottom come apart and there is a screen built in to keep the dry ice from escaping the glass. Once a dry ice pellet is placed in the bottom and both pieces are secured back together, the beverage can be poured and the smoke erupts. Miller also elaborated on the success of the SideKick with customers including Dave & Busters, Universal Studios, Hooters along with bars and clubs around the world.

This product found on the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show floor has helped create not just revenue for Splash Liquid Lounge but an identity in the community. Alex Smith ensured that Nightclub & Bar will be seeing the crew of Splash again in Vegas for the 30th Anniversary taking place once again in Las Vegas on March 30 – April 1.


Stay on top of industry trends and new product releases at the biggest on-premise operator event of the year, the Nightclub & Bar Show, celebrating 30 years March 30-April 1, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Visit today!


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