The Sixth Edition Cocktail Spirits Paris Bar Show 2013 was a Success

4,000 professionals contributed to the success of the sixth edition of Cocktails Spirits - the Paris Bar Show. Bartenders from all over Europe, key industry "movers & shakers", buyers, distributors, brand owners, producers, brand ambassadors visited the show, attended conferences, presented, especially shared and exchanged during the Paris Bar Show’s two days.

With a 30% growth in the attendance, Cocktails Spirits has become an international event and a must visit for the European scene.

Cocktail bars from various countries presented their city’s cocktail trends and their operations on the Bar Rouge stage. New York City’s newcomer Dead Rabbit, Istanbul’s “Bar with no name”, Munich’s Gamsei bar, Copenhagen’s Ourselves Alone, London’s Happiness Forgets, Stockholm’s Little Quarter and Gent’s Jigger’s The Noble Drugstore shared their experiences and their “savoire faire” with the audience.

Cocktails Spirits is "the place to be" to observe trends, anticipate new patterns of consumption, discover new products and taste the cocktails of tomorrow.

Cocktails Spirits Awards 2013 ceremony closed the show:

The Best European Bar award was presented to London’s Happiness Forgets.

The award for Best French Cocktail Bar went to Paris’ Sherry Butt.

The award for best French bartender was given to Montpelier’s Papa Doble owner Julien Escot.

This 2013 edition showcased various trends for the up and coming years, trends that are leading towards greater simplicity and authenticity with a search for purity in the style approach.

If you did not attend cocktails Spirits 2013 but wish to see what happened, you can access the photos and video links of the Bar Rouge and its enthusiasts, the innovations bar, the Embassy and the various brand demonstrations.

The entire Cocktails Spirits team invite you next year for the seventh edition of the show, always more exciting and more ambitious.



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