Skyy Spirits Unveils Two New Exotic Flavors to its All Natural SKYY Infusions Line: Dragon Fruit and Blood Orange

SAN FRANCISCO (February 1, 2011) – Expanding its innovative, award-winning line of vodkas made with all natural ingredients, SKYY® Vodka introduces new SKYY Infusions® Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange – the first of their kind available nationwide.  Inspired by exotic locales and current culinary trends, these new infusions blend authentic dragon fruit and blood orange with SKYY’s premium distilled vodka, creating two alluring, distinctively different spirits.  All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit, which has already been awarded a Gold Medal by the prestigious Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange join the brand’s existing line of unexpected flavors, which includes Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit.

SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit

SKYY takes the vodka category in a bold, tantalizing direction with the introduction of All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit - an all-new superfruit experience.  An upgrade from acai and pomegranate, dragon fruit is a superfruit that boasts a unique and unexpected flavorful taste direct from a lush rain forest.  An intoxicating blend of premium vodka and real dragon fruit, this latest SKYY Infusions variety offers an exotic cocktail experience reminiscent of the fresh, sweet taste of juicy red berries.

“We were intrigued by dragon fruit because it is a superfruit with a unique taste profile, which is something both consumers and bartenders are looking for in their spirits choices right now,” said Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Skyy Spirits. “With our entire SKYY Infusions line, we are focused on innovation, developing products that deliver a sensory experience that no ho-hum, boring flavored vodka can match.  Given its exotic flavor and the fact that it was unexplored in the vodka category, dragon fruit was a natural fit.”

As indulgent as it is stunning, the dragon fruit heralds from South America and Asia, but appears as if it has been grown and picked right out of a mythical world. The dragon fruit has a dark pink rind dancing with green and yellow tendrils. Once sliced, an unexpected white or pink fleshy interior with tiny edible seeds becomes visible. The dragon fruit’s multifaceted flavor profile is quickly replacing more mainstream fruits, with non-alcoholic dragon fruit juices and flavored waters popping up in markets nationwide.

All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit exudes a bold, sweet taste with the tantalizing aroma of candied tropical berries, followed by a wave of exotic fruits and a complex blend of savory spice and zest.

All Natural SKYY Infusions Blood Orange is an alluring blend of premium SKYY Vodka and real blood orange, displaying the natural sweetness; deep, refined complexity; and mouth-watering juiciness of the sinful blood orange.  It has an enticing aroma of sweet orange zest followed by hints of spice and caramel.

Native to Italy and Spain, the blood orange’s unusual crimson-colored flesh embodies a delicate balance of sun-drenched succulent juiciness and complex bittersweet flavor, creating a multi-sensory taste experience bursting with the essence of sweet, fresh oranges.

“Orange is the third most-popular vodka flavor in the U.S., but when SKYY does an orange, it is anything but ordinary,” continued Conzonato. “We explored the farmer’s markets and focused on the most exotic and flavorful orange possible – blood orange.  Then, we made our vodka all natural and infused, which brings out the ripe, juicy taste of the real fruit.  Those bored with old, tired orange-flavored vodkas will want to try All Natural SKYY Infusions Blood Orange to experience something unlike any other.”

Both All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange will be available nationwide starting in February in 50ml ($1.99 MSRP), 750ml ($18.49 MSRP) and 1L ($26.49 MSRP) sized bottles.  The launches will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring advertising, social media activities and on-/off-premise promotions.

All Natural SKYY Infusions, the line ranked #1 in taste by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), was originally launched in five flavors – Citrus, Cherry, Grape, Raspberry and Passion Fruit, in April 2008 by Skyy Spirits. A year later, SKYY introduced SKYY Infusions Pineapple, which quickly became a nationwide centerpiece of classic and contemporary Tiki cocktailing. In 2010, SKYY Infusions Ginger, another BTI Gold Medal winner, made its debut, making the delectable, sweet taste of ginger readily available to any bartender or consumer. With the introduction of its eighth and ninth Infusions, SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange, Skyy Spirits continues its high standard for ultra-premium, all natural infused vodkas developed on the principles of quality, innovation and style.  

The entire SKYY Infusions collection can be enjoyed simply on the rocks, with club soda, with 7UP or in a myriad of other delicious, sophisticated cocktails. Learn more at or Twitter: @SKYYVodka.


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