Snap To It! How Photo Sharing Can Increase Your Business

Today, brands are seeing increased engagement from sharing visual updates online and there is no mistaking on why. Everyone’s talking about Instagram.  Its rapid growth in just two years, over 80 million smartphone users, is a testament to its success.  Facebook has also made photos a bigger part of their experience. In addition, Pinterest has exploded in part because of their simple photo-based interface.

Instagram is a free application for iPhone or Android users that lets people take photos, apply filters to change the look of the photos and then share them. Users can share them on Instagram while also choosing to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Instagram is different in that users review their photos from the app only, not online. This allows users to see everything instantly and in real time, hence the combination “Instant” and “Photogram”. If you’re not already taking advantage of this platform you better snap to it.

Here are five ways to grow your presence on Instagram:

  1. Take a unique picture of an interesting and relevant event or product. Hash tag the picture with a title that users can easily find. For example, #YourVenue. This hash tag turns into its own album, allowing consumers to be taken to multiple pictures from the “Your Venue”.
  2. Create your account and promote it. Using your company’s email address, create an account and begin uploading any pictures you would like. Add different filters to create a professional look.
  3. Respond!  An awesome feature with instagram is being able to respond to any comments left on pictures. This creates a relationship with a live person and an answer to any questions the consumer may have.
  4. Promote events.  Are you having a holiday promotion or a special event? Post pictures to create further engagement with your customer! Pictures will create buzz and keep your customers or clients up to date.
  5. Intertwine all social media outlets.  Facebook and Twitter are two prime examples of ways to link your Instagram username and will allow current followers to follow you even further.

Photo sharing has become an increasingly popular method of social sharing and savvy business owners are taking advantage.   Open an account, start snapping pictures and check out the results! 


Source:  Social Networking Stats

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