Social Media: Are You Pushing the Right Buttons?

Social media was used extensively to drive sales in the last quarter of 2011 for those who managed and understood it. For those who did not, you might as well face it: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube are here to stay, so why not learn to take advantage of it? This is not about sales; social media is a meaningful way to achieve customer relationships!

To make social media work for your business, be willing to put your “personality” and brand out there. That is what will make your customers want to share your message. In the social-media world, this is called “creating fans.”

The true attraction of social media is that it can offer a glimpse inside your business. This affords a tremendous opportunity to let your uniqueness set you apart from competitors.

So what will you post to these social-media sites? What is it that sets you apart from the competition? Here are some suggested social-media buttons to push:

• Post a picture of a food and drink special on Facebook.
• Tweet about your daily specials on Twitter.
• Shoot a short video of the chef cooking and post it on YouTube.
• Turn the same video into a QR Code and place it on the menu.
• Join Foursquare and post a first-time check-in reward.
• Post staff-member profiles and customer testimonials.

Balance your social-media communication between promotional selling and having conversations. If you post only promotional messages, you will fail. People are inundated with advertising all day long. What they want is to learn about something interesting and what is really going on that might benefit them. 

This balancing act is probably the most difficult skill of managing social-media marketing tactics.  It takes time, and the messages must be changed often. Push the same buttons all of the time, and your customers will know you have nothing to offer.

Social media is radically different from traditional forms of advertising and marketing, so take great care with your communicating style and messaging. It’s time to start using social-media wisely

If you want to know more about which social media buttons to push, contact Dronkers Beverage and Social Media Solutions at [email protected].


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