Staying Relevant On The Scene

The nightclub business is not easy to master. There are very few properties that come close to the success of mega-clubs in Vegas, NY and LA. It takes a tremendous amount of attention to detail to create a brand that sizzles. Even if you succeed, then you have to worry about staying relevant.

Marquee Nightclub New York
Marquee New York

Relevant is a key word in the nightlife business. Staying attuned to what customers want is just as hard as opening the doors for the first time. In order to stay front-of-mind for customers and on top of your game there are some crucial steps that need to be managed across the hospitality spectrum. And these things don't happen on their own.

1.      Hiring & Training – Having the right people dressed in the right attire providing exceptional service working at your venue is paramount.

2.      Know Your Concept – Nightclubs come in a range of styles, from an ultra-lounge to a high-energy mega-club and everything in the middle. Understand where you fall and stick to it.

3.      Focus on the Sound – The DJ is the new rock star, so invest in the right one playing the right music through the right system.

4.      The Wrong Demographic – Know what demographic to target that best first your concept. There is power in saying “no” and enforcing door policies.

5.      Hold Back – You don’t need to open every night. With larger check averages it’s feasible to focus on a couple of key nights.

Nightlife can truly be a fickle business; therefore make sure that you are doing everything that’s needed to stay fresh. 


What other areas should nightclub owners keep in mind? 
Let us know by commenting below. 


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