St. Louis Investors Acquire Majority Stake in Schlafly Beer


Twenty years after doing the unthinkable - launching a beer company in Anheuser-Busch's backyard - the two founders of Schlafly beer are handing over the keys of the beloved St. Louis Brewery.

For Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman, the sale to a group of 13 local investors is more about retirement planning than selling out or cashing in.

"We're very happy - and, in many respects, relieved - that the succession framework we outlined 18 months ago is exactly what wound up happening," Kopman said. "We kept our focus narrow by only considering local investors who were passionate about St. Louis and adamant about keeping our business here."

The new ownership group, led by a Clayton-based private equity firm, will acquire a 60 percent stake in the brewery. Wednesday's sale announcement comes a week after the craft brewery celebrated its 20th anniversary.


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