Sun Orchard Announces Revitalized Rendezvous Bay Bar Mix Program

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire) - Sun Orchard, a full-service processor and nationwide distributor of ultra-lightly pasteurized juices and fruit-based beverages, has reformulated and revitalized its all-natural Rendezvous Bay frozen and on-the-rocks bar mix program as a part of its overall strategy to provide high-value, profit-building solutions for the on-premise bar segment.

Rendezvous Bay bar beverages and mixes have been available since March 2004, but in mid-2009 Sun Orchard started reformulating the products and related programming to offer its customers a higher-quality, more comprehensive beverage program designed to be better than or equal to any of its relative competitors.

"We simply looked at everything out there and developed a better overall solution that will provide more value to our partners than the competition," says Rich Shuey, Sun Orchard's Director of National Bar Beverages. "Not only are the products going to raise the bar in terms of real quality, but programming was also designed to better fill the gaps left within other frozen beverage programs."

Bob Corlett, Sun Orchard's VP of Marketing & Sales, adds that Mr. Shuey's wealth of experience in the restaurant industry will be an asset for customers looking for an improved bar mix program.

"We are very excited about the work that has been done on the re-launch of Rendezvous Bay Premium Mixers, and we are confident that our clients will like what we have done," says Mr. Corlett. "Rich's insight and expertise from his years managing the beverage category at two large casual dining restaurant chains have been invaluable in putting together a complete program that drives improved value and performance for our customers."

Mr. Shuey says the new bar mix program will achieve four primary benefits for customers:


    1.   Better Value, Taste & Quality - All-natural products have been
         reformulated for enhanced taste, delayed separation, and more
         attractive, richer coloring.

    2.   Better Yield - Less product per drink equals greater margin per
         drink for customers.

    3.   Better Equipment Platform - More operationally efficient,
         cost-effective, and flexible equipment options that lead to more
         efficient execution.

    4.   Better Overall Support - Sun Orchard is America's
         Micro-Juicery™, providing personalized support from experienced
         industry professionals.

The new Rendezvous Bay program will be available in February 2010, featuring flavors such as Strawberry, Sweet & Sour, Margarita, Piña Colada, Mango, Raspberry, Peach, Banana, Wild Berry, and Ice Cream. Rendezvous Bay products are made from ultra-premium blends of juices, fruit purees, 100% pure cane sugar, and other all-natural ingredients.

Sun Orchard, Inc. serves a variety of juices and fruit-based beverages to regional and national food-service distributors, and multi-unit restaurants and hotels through its Arizona and Florida production facilities. For more information, visit



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