Sunsphere Nightclub "Icon Ultra Lounge" Opens with Big City Feel

Source Knoxville News:

Those colored lights coming from Knoxville's golden globe in the sky aren't your imagination.

The fifth floor of the Sunsphere is brimming with changing colors and more, with the recent opening of the new Icon Ultra Lounge.

"It truly is an icon of the city. You see it everywhere," owner Tony Cappiello said of the Sunsphere.

Cappiello invested an estimated $450,000 to renovate the space, which has a capacity of 120, three times larger than its predecessor, The Skybox.

Cappiello said he wanted to open up the floor so guests could be "wowed by the view."

"I think we've created a nice space for Knoxville," he said. "I hope people will come and enjoy it and the sunset."

As part of the project, which began last year, a new electrical system was installed, the floor was reworked and stained sky blue and two additional restrooms, a fireplace, a DJ booth and a second bar were added.

On one side is the Rain Bar, which features a continuous stream of water that flows through the bar top and into a nearby water wall. The other side is called the Sun Bar, topped with onyx and covered with gold tufted panels aimed to mirror the look of the structure's gold glass panels.

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