Sutra Lounge

SutraName of Club: Sutra Lounge
Location: Atlanta
Square Footage: 5,600
Capacity/Seats: 300
Open Date: Dec. 17, 2004

Sutra Lounge opened its doors in 2004 and while the aesthetics of the club has changed the core of what makes it an Atlanta favorite remains the same: stiff drinks, unmatched customer service, and unique events with a rotating door of some of the city’s best DJs.

Upon entering the unassuming, underground venue each guest is greeted with hard wood floors, a beautiful wooden bar, a kaleidoscope of lights, and an overall sexy Moroccan feel. There is a warmth that emanates from every corner making Sutra Lounge a pleasant surprise for visitors and a favorite of residents. Above all else it is a place where people get amazing customer service. Every person is treated like a VIP and the staff makes it a competitive goal amongst themselves to turn each customer into a regular! Turnover at Sutra Lounge is extremely low; people only leave their jobs there if they move or decide to take on bigger daytime projects or if they are asked to leave because they do not measure up to the quality of service we want to provide our guests.

Sutra Lounge offers a limited amount of wine and beer, but what we lack in those items we more than make up for with our liquor selection. We are usually one of the primary hotspots to test out new liquors debuting in the city. The prices are competitive with other nightclubs in the immediate area but featured drinks/beer specials help those out who don’t want to break the bank just to go out and have a good time.

Due to the recession sales aren’t what they have been in the past, but when to comparing the difference to those of other nightclubs in the same area things aren’t exactly bad either. One of the most special things about Sutra Lounge is that we truly know how to utilize the space. During the day there is a state accredited bartending school that holds their classes in the club. We are often a favorite spot to hosts: charity events, corporate functions, Holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and charity fundraisers. We have an active hand in the community and support other local businesses as well as donating numerous gift certificates and raffle/silent auction items  even if the event isn’t held in our venue.

Overall, you will find that the owners, managers, and staff are proud to say that Sutra Lounge is like a big family and we enjoy doing what it takes to making sure each guest feels like a part of our extended family.

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