Sweet Escape

When presenting a guest with a drinkable dessert option, the first step to success is presentation; interesting eye candy will have your guests spending more for even the smallest taste of luxury. In fact, these drinks can be the perfect ending to an already delicious dinner or can quell an incurable sweet tooth any time of day. With a few lavish liqueurs, chocolate shavings or a pinch of cotton candy, a regular cocktail can turn into a lush, sumptuous sipper, satisfying both your guests’ desires to indulge and your bottom line.

Not your Momma’s Apple Pie
Created by Kyle Hilla, bartender at Bolsa Restaurant in Dallas.
½ oz. Gingersnap Liqueur
½ oz. apple brandy
5 dashes vanilla tincture
7 dashes apple spice bitters
1½ oz. Maker’s 46
Absinthe rinse for the glass

Combine ingredients, shake over ice and serve in a Martini glass.

Sundae in Shanghaia


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