Taffer Melts Bryant's Ice House


Bryant’s Ice House is in the industrial working Texas town, Katy. Owner Jeff has poured $1,100,000 into Bryant’s, a biker bar with a bad reputation. Despite Jeff’s efforts, to reinvigorate the dying dive, he kept the old name and as a result the old clientele went nowhere fast. The bar itself is positioned in a dismal area which discourages its potential patrons. On top of overlooking the bar externally, Jeff lacks the ability to reign in his feisty employees. Along with his debt, Jeff has already lost his home. Bryant’s Ice House is losing $6,000 a month and Jeff’s dream is at the end of a gloomy path.

There are many challenges at Bryant’s Ice House. Due to the terrible location, Taffer needs to figure out a way to get guests through the door. The staff does not get along; the bartenders in particular, fight almost every night. There are employees drinking on the job which prevent them from doing their jobs. The food at Bryant’s is served from a food truck which only serves frozen food. Ticket times at both the truck and the bar run over an hour on busy nights.

After speaking with Taffer, Jeff realizes that he has to step up and be an owner that cannot avoid confrontation in order to be successful. Jeff gets rid of the dead weight and brings in three new employees. Taffer brings in Russell Davis and food truck expert Eric Regan to train the staff in their specific elements and in the art of hospitality. Taffer develops a happy hour, working man’s bar and transforms Bryant’s Ice House into The Wildcatter Saloon, which pays tribute to Katy’s history.

During the relaunch of The Wildcatter Saloon, the staff works as a team and everything comes together. The staff of Bryant’s went from a catastrophic failing performance to working a perfect opening at The Wildcatter; customers ensured that they will be returning with their buddies after work. Six weeks after the relaunch, food and beverage sales are up 35%. Jeff has taken on a true leadership position at his bar.

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