Taffer is Thirsty to Lay Into the Owner of Mary's Outpost

Mary's Outpost

Mary’s Outpost is a rundown bar in Grand Prairie, Texas. At first, owner Bill’s outgoing personality drew customers to the bar and Mary’s was making $4,000 a month without even trying. Bartender Kimmie Brown was instantly smitten with Bill; in 2012, the couple married and Kimmie took over as the bar’s General Manager. The honeymoon did not last long; Bill directed his affection towards female patrons and acted extremely inappropriately in his back office. The bar is now $250,000 in debt and two months away from closing.

Mary’s is completely unappealing to looks at; it is no wonder the 13,000 cars that pass a day do not stop in. The kitchen is a utility closet with a microwave, there are no POS systems the beer is warm and there is tension between Kimmie and certain workers due to Bill’s behavior. In addition, Kimmie is not allowed to make any business decisions even though she is the manager.

With guidance from Taffer and his team, Bill makes the executive decision to fire the employee that makes Kimmie uncomfortable and he rightfully apologizes by claiming that his questionable behavior will come to halt. He also gives Kimmie the managerial authority she should have had in the first place. After training, the kitchen and bar staff are ready to rock.

Taffer turns Mary’s Outpost into Thirsty’s Roadhouse Bar. There are now bright colors surrounding the front door with LED lighting around the building so passersby cannot ignore it. During the relaunch, Kimmie is a rockstar; she has a new confidence after being finally put in the position to lead while Bill starts interacting with customers in the appropriate fashion. Mary’s Outpost is long gone to make way for the neighborhood bar that’s friendly for singles, couples and everyone in between. Two months after the relaunch, Bill is hands off with the business and no longer scares off female guests. Kimmies continues to shine as full time manager and food revenues have doubled. Thirsty’s Roadhouse Bar now hosts a regular lunch crowd.


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